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The world according to Trump

President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Cabinet nominees and technology company chiefs meet in a conference room at Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday.
President-elect Donald Trump, Vice President-elect Mike Pence, Cabinet nominees and technology company chiefs meet in a conference room at Trump Tower in New York on Wednesday. Abaca Press

Electoral College should take notice

Re “Electoral College has a dilemma” (Viewpoints, Dec. 15): Forget plutocracy, oligarchy and kleptocracy, Donald Trump’s nominees for his administration suggest goals more oily and far reaching, as if anyone should think his massive ego and zeal for the deal would be sated by winning the presidency or have any connection to those of his populist supporters.

Signs suggest he is already bored with that mere stepping stone. Authoritarian demagogues rarely corral their impulses and desires.

With more than a hint of his forging dirty energy alliances across international borders, soon to be negotiated by the nation of Exxon with handshakes from Russia’s Vladimir Putin, will Boss Trump’s devious plan morph into a global corporatocracy? Presidential electors please take notice.

Spencer P. Le Gate,


Liberals looking for a state civil war

Re “Yes California activist works from Russia to support state’s secession” (Insight, Dec. 15): As a 60-year-old native Californian who loves what California once was, I will not be held prisoner by liberals. My state once was the mecca of affordable housing, with state colleges for the middle class. It was a mecca for those who wanted to do their own thing.

Now there is talk of succession by liberals. The liberals had condemned those who want to establish the state of Jefferson as extreme. It makes more sense for a state of Jefferson as part of the U.S. than the whole state leaving the USA.

Do you really think the millions of independents and conservatives in California are going to be held hostage by liberal philosophy without a fight? I don’t want an armed civil war; I want the California I grew up in. It may be time for a state of Jefferson and let liberal California go its way.

Paul Reid, Folsom

There is no reason to celebrate Russia

Re “Celebrate Russians coming to U.S.” (Letters, Dec. 14): Bill Graham of Salinas is sorely mistaken in his rosy opinion of Russia. Right now, Russia is in Syria slaughtering women and children in Aleppo. Russia invaded Crimea, imposing its will upon its inhabitants. Russia is a country where the leader murders his adversaries. America is wise to investigate the tampering of our election process that handed the presidency to a buffoon.

Elizabeth Ayres,


Big money for pay increases?

Re “In the fine print, SEIU contract includes 9 to 19 percent raises for many workers” (sacbee.com, Dec. 13): The article says some workers will receive up to a 29 percent pay raise over the life of the contract. It baffles me how the governor can find the money to run the government and give pay raises, yet we cannot find the money to fix the highways.

As an old accountant, just where did the money come from? I know, I know, we extended a tax on the rich. But that was intended to get us out of debt. Or was it?

Albert F. Kammerer,


California needs Aliso Canyon

Re “How California can avoid Aliso Canyon reopening” (Viewpoints, Nov. 16): It’s not true that we can avoid reopening the Aliso Canyon storage facility without serious consequences to businesses and consumers.

Up to 75 percent of electricity in the region is generated from natural gas, which means the facility’s closure could result in rolling blackouts, especially during a cold winter. California already has adopted the most aggressive renewable energy goals in the country, and we are moving toward a cleaner energy economy.

But the shortfall created by the loss of Aliso Canyon simply cannot be filled by renewables or energy efficiency projects any time soon. We need safe, affordable, and reliable natural gas to protect jobs and consumers and grow the California economy.

Dorothy Rothrock, California Manufacturers & Technology Association president, Sacramento


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