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California voters are the real patriots

The (Tacoma) News Tribune

Californians are the real patriots

Re “Why do California’s whites vote so differently than whites elsewhere?” (Forum, Dec. 11): In answer to Mike Males commentary as to why white Californians buck the trend of the rest of white Americans in our embrace of diversity may reside in our belief of three words often ascribed as the motto of the United States of America. Those words sit ostensibly in our pockets and wallets. Simply, but profoundly: E Pluribus Unum, that is, “Out of many, one.”

Jerry Delezenski, Wilton

Thank goodness for Texas voters

Mike Males’ conclusion that California whites, because they voted in a larger percentage for Hillary Clinton than elsewhere, are better than the rest of the whites in the country, is an exhibition of the haughty arrogance and superciliousness so often found amongst the liberal left and academia.

Dennis DeFelice,

Rancho Cordova

Trump will have heckuva Cabinet

Re “Donald Trump deserves a chance” (Letters, Dec. 11): The letter writer says Donald Trump deserves a chance. Unfortunately, he will get one. But unless our memories have been erased, we should not expect to be pleasantly surprised. I am recalling a particular historical lesson from 2005.

It was a few days after the Hurricane Katrina disaster. President George W. Bush praised FEMA Director Michael “Brownie” Brown for doing a “heckuva job.” Brown was not a bad man, but his inexperience caused one of the worst performances in U.S. government history. And no wonder, his background was his tenure as a commissioner for the International Arabian Horse Association.

Trump appears to be appointing Brownies in his own image to almost all of his Cabinet and top-level posts, with a handful of exceptions. Some may slide through untainted by public embarrassment. However, if past is prologue, Trump and his administration will do a heckuva job.

John Adkisson, Sacramento

We’re inviting disaster again

Sixteen years ago we gave a chance to a product of nepotism and privilege. He transformed the largest fiscal surplus into the largest deficit ever with a disastrous tax policy favoring his own. Then he took us in to a most ill-conceived war costing untold trillions of dollars and was the first and only president to cut taxes during war time.

Donald Trump’s basic beliefs and intentions are the same as that of Bush II, but his recklessness is far more dangerous, and he is many times as dishonest. His pandering to the military-industrial complex would shock President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who saw it coming long ago.

Why invite disaster by giving such a man encouragement? Won’t we ever learn?

Bob Brauns, Folsom

Will not give Trump a chance

I am sick and tired of reading letters advising those of us opposed to Donald Trump to give him a chance. Social media posts proclaim that opponents of President Barack Obama accepted that he won and waited quietly for eight years. The epidemic of selective memory is astounding.

Republicans proclaimed that their goal during the Obama administration would be to obstruct him at every turn. Tea Party rallies displayed signs showing Obama as Hitler, Obama at the end of a noose, and so many other ugly images. In open-carry states, news reports of protesters showing up at some Obama speaking engagements with rifles slung over their shoulders were shocking.

No, we won’t be giving him a chance. Trump’s agenda is extreme and threatens to undo years of progress. We won’t go back. Not a chance.

Barbara Dellamarie,



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