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DeMarcus Cousins: Love him, or hate him

Kings should trade Cousins

Re “Kings should stop babying big man DeMarcus Cousins” (Editorials, Dec. 20): I am in total agreement with The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board regarding the Kings response to Cousins’ continuing and substantial negative behavior, and would add the following: Trade him immediately.

Walter Graviet, Sacramento

The Bee should lay off Cousins

The Sacramento Bee needs to stop the negative reporting about DeMarcus Cousins. Cousins plays his heart out every game while the rest of the team puts forth little effort. Management needs to step up and provide Cousins with the team he and Sacramento deserve.

Marjorie Marquardt, Sacramento

Bee should support Trump

Re “What Electoral College must do” (Viewpoints, Dec. 19), Donald Trump won the national popular vote cast outside of California. The Electoral College functioned as designed when it prevented one state, California, from perverting the election results and stealing the election from the rest of the country.

Perhaps now is the time for The Bee to apologize for biased coverage, and begin supporting the president of the United States instead of creating opportunities to undermine the election process and the legitimacy of the new administration.

Michael Vinding, Sacramento

Casino owners are suspect

Re “Tribes, card rooms take their war to Elk Grove” (Insight, Dec. 17): Card room casinos oppose the proposed Wilton Indian casino in Elk Grove. I question the card room owners’ honesty.

In 1999, the card room operators convinced the Legislature to establish a 15-year moratorium on new casino licenses. When that moratorium expired in 2015, card room casinos gave campaign contributions to politicians and the moratorium was extended to 2020.

Opposition to the Wilton casino is another instance in which card room operators seek to limit competition. Don’t the gaming operators believe in competition?

Gregg Manston, Claremont

The law is the law

Re “The weight of oath of office” (Letters, Dec. 20): Letter writer Kathy Stricklin writes that she took an oath to defend the Constitution and is heartened that legislators will be fighting policies that she assumes will be put in place by the incoming administration. She does not, however, say that she will denounce the Legislature’s efforts to protect persons who are in this country illegally. It appears she is one of many officials who want to defend parts of the Constitution with which they agree.

Derald Langwell, Rancho Cordova


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