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Do we really want to let businesses and corporations ‘franchise’ our national parks?

A letter writer expresses concern about proposal for businesses and corporations to “franchise” our national parks and take over maintenance.
A letter writer expresses concern about proposal for businesses and corporations to “franchise” our national parks and take over maintenance. Associated Press file

Really want to sell national parks?

Re “National park ‘franchises’ could trim $12 billion maintenance backlog” (Viewpoints, Dec.18): Have they got a deal for us! The nation’s billionaires and corporations “would own and operate lands under the National Park Service ‘brand.’ 

All we have to do is forget our billions of taxpayer dollars spent over the past century, our cherished national historical heritage and our control over how national parks serve the public interest, and turn them over at fire sale prices to the Kochs, the Goldman-Sachses, the ExxonMobils, the mining giants and maybe even the Trumps, and they will pay for the needed maintenance.

Terrific! We save on taxes, they get America’s crown jewels.

Author Kristen Byrne’s think tank has a decades-long lineage going back to the Reagan administration’s attempts to privatize the best of our public lands, and with Trump assuming office it smells blood in the water. Leaving that maintenance unfunded was one of conservatives’ best ideas, or is that a conspiracy theory?

Ronald Lanner, Placerville

Time to break glass for this emergency

Re “Under Trump, checks and balances even more essential” (Editorials, Dec. 18): I am in complete agreement that the legislative and judicial branches will need to keep the executive branch in check starting Jan 20.

However, there is something that could be done right away to ensure our national security, prior to installing a president in the White House whose loyalty may be to Russia. The true “Break Glass in Case of Emergency” is not the Electoral College, but President Barack Obama’s authority under National Security Presidential Directive 51 to declare a state of emergency, and work with the judicial branch in order to address the lack of integrity in election results.

Americans cannot have confidence in the results of an election which was undermined by Russian President Vladimir Putin with the help of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and FBI Director James Comey.

Tina Suzanne,

Castro Valley

Obama needed checks, balances

The Bee’s editorial is arguably the most hypocritical piece the board has ever published. Through all the years of President Barack Obama’s attempts to legislate by executive decree, we heard not a single peep from the editorial board regarding these egregious practices. Despite the lack of any demands from the board for any legislative or judicial pushback, many of Obama’s orders were rightfully shot down by the courts, which they would most likely do if Donald Trump attempts similar end runs around Congress.

Marty Jacobson, Lincoln

Don’t want to watch Cousins play

Re “Cousins’ media bullying of the media reflects badly on Kings’ brass” (Forum, Dec. 18): As a 31-year-old, lifelong Kings fan, I was overwhelmed with joy when Vivek Ranadive purchased the Kings and built the Golden 1 Center. Since the day it was announced, I eagerly awaited the day when I could attend a Kings game at the new arena. However, I am now regretfully writing this to inform the Kings that I have not yet been to the Golden 1 Center, nor will I ever, while DeMarcus Cousins is on the team.

I hope the people who are tasked with managing the organization begin to realize that they will never be successful with him on the team. It pains me to see the Kings organization continue to enable Cousins’ horrible attitude and behavior. The people of Sacramento, children watching the games and even management deserve better. Please trade him now when you can actually get something for him.

Chris Galvin, Roseville

An embarrassing, spoiled athlete

It’s embarrassing to watch a spoiled athlete acting like a fool, but not surprising. Someone needs to tell DeMarcus Cousins that if he doesn’t want the scrutiny of the press, then he should retire from sports. Otherwise, he needs to grow up, keep his mouth shut and play basketball.

Mark Collen, Sacramento

It’s past time to trade Cousins

DeMarcus Cousins needs to go. Period. And please plan your departure route through Santa Clara and take Colin Kaepernick with you. My wife and I attended a Kings game in Denver last year that did not include Cousins. The ball movement and team spirit was off the charts. I guarantee that somebody in the league will be dumb enough to take him. Caveat emptor!

Kenny Shoemake,



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