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High cost of Sacramento parking will hurt businesses

Pricey parking hurts business

Re “Sacramento is being greedy” (Letters, Dec. 24): As letter writer Jim Bailey asks, why do people wanting to patronize midtown businesses have to pay higher parking rates just to support the arena attendees?

I own an apartment building in Land Park, and used to drive to midtown to go to specialty shops occasionally because of their unique wares. However, if the parking costs me almost as much as a small gift for a friend, I can go elsewhere.

How many others feel the same way? And what if I wanted to go to Waterboy restaurant? The evening rates would almost cost me as much as my simple dinner of sweetbreads, beet salad and wine.

I can go to many other places and not get robbed. It is bad enough that my taxes will go up when the revenue from the arena collapses.

John T. Johnston, Sacramento

Drivers need to slow down

There are so many vehicles driving in excess of 80 on the freeways, I figured Caltrans simply hasn’t had the time to put up the new speed limit signs.

However, if the freeway limit is still 65/70 mph, I would ask the Legislature to make sure California Highway Patrol budgets include sufficient funding for personnel and vehicles to chase down those motorists who think they’re NASCAR drivers.

Kirby Vickery, Mather

Bullet train is off the rails

Re “Election has upset state’s bullet-train financing outlook” (Page 5A, Dec. 26): California is dreaming if it thinks there is funding for the bullet train. It’s five years in the making and this boondoggle is going to cost probably five times more than Gov. Jerry Brown projected.

Who is going to take this train? This is a financial disaster. Does anyone believe Republicans are going to approve money for this boondoggle when California doesn’t enforce immigration laws?

Leslie H. Brown, Sacramento

Thanks for a simple kindness

Welcome Home Housing, which provides housing for mentally ill adults, thanks Sacramento Bee readers who donated to the Book of Dreams. Our organization wasn’t featured in articles, but the generosity of readers brought money to assist charities like ours. As a result, one dryer that was held together with superglue will be replaced and another energy hog will be retired.

Lynn Smith, Woodland


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