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Homeless campers, Trump, taxes

Storm is forcing homeless solution

Re “Councilman Warren urges tent city for the homeless” (Page A3, Jan. 11): Tent cities are not a solution to Sacramento’s homeless crisis, but they should not be disregarded as a transitional step. Due to water releases into the American River, there are no more homeless campers on the parkway.

Instead, they have all moved their belongings to land near the parkway, forming their own tent cities and leaving the surrounding neighborhoods to deal with the fallout. How would a designated tent city, which would at least provide basic necessities such as food and toilets, be worse than this?

A designated tent city provided right now, before the waters recede and the homeless go back to camping on the parkway, could be the first step in a permanent solution to the homeless crisis. It would allow outreach workers the ability to quickly identify those who want assistance with improving their living conditions.

Carol Parise, Sacramento

Make Sleep Train a homeless camp

Mayor Darrell Steinberg says his preference would be to find indoor emergency shelter. The vacant Sleep Train Arena would fit that need, and the parking lot could provide space for a tent city.

Sacramento has made many accommodations for the Kings. This would be a perfect opportunity for the Kings organization to reciprocate by providing the unused arena to help homeless people.

Gordon Hall, Sacramento

Bean has rights; so do consumers

Re “Trump defends L.L. Bean heiress over donations backing him” (sacbee.com, Jan. 12): Linda Bean, a co-owner L.L. Bean, can donate money to whichever politician she chooses.

As a consumer, I avoid giving business to those firms who support politicians and causes that are at odds with my values and priorities, and boycotting L.L. Bean is easily achieved for me since so many products it sells are made abroad. The irony of the financial support Trump has received from Bean is that most of it is from profits selling cheaply acquired goods made abroad.

Gregory Ptucha, Sacramento

We’re in for a very scary four years

Donald Trump and Arnold Schwarzenegger are in a tweet war about the “Apprentice” show. Obviously, Trump is still stuck on his former life than the good of the country. Then he says he will use taxpayers’ money to build the wall or whatever it is and Mexico will reimburse us. Yeah, right.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy asks Gov. Jerry Brown how he would replace Obamacare – as if Brown has an interest and time for that. And Senate Republicans OK increasing the national debt to pay for replacing Obamacare. I thought debt reduction was a pillar of Republican ideology.

These are the people that are going to make America great again? We are in for very scary times.

Gregory Aaron, Sacramento

Please save First Amendment

Re “Trump rips media, intel leak” (Page 1A, Jan. 12): After Donald Trump’s news conference, I can only pray that he protects the First Amendment as much as he will the Second Amendment.

David A. Ritz, Sacramento

Trump doesn’t get his new role

President-elect Donald Trump needs to be told that he is no longer a private citizen, but a public servant, and that people rely on journalists. Citizens want more information from him than his 140-character tweets.

Carol Bellamy, Meadow Vista

Let’s tax politicians who raise taxes

Re “Worth Repeating” (Page 6A, Jan. 11): Regarding the suggestion that California increase taxes on beer, I find it disgusting that lawmakers and their lackeys want to tax everything. Here’s a suggestion: A politician tax is common sense, fiscally responsible, and long overdue.

Steven Bickford, Sacramento


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