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Letters: Trump and Oroville Dam aid

Water is released down the main spillway from Oroville Dam on Monday, February 13, 2017.
Water is released down the main spillway from Oroville Dam on Monday, February 13, 2017. jvillegas@sacbee.com

The truth comes out

Re “California, be nicer to Trump” (Letters, Feb. 14): It is the job of elected officials to question and challenge the actions of the president, or any other official entity in the pursuit of the democratic process. To insinuate that a president will ignore or deny federal aid to a state based on defiance of the state’s representatives is reprehensible.

Elected officials should not have to be “humble and conciliatory” to expect the president to do his job. As this is written, No. 45 has not responded to Gov. Jerry Brown’s request for aid. The president cannot have a hissy fit and ignore a state’s request for federal assistance because “they are out of control” and may have hurt his feelings.

This is not kindergarten; these are people’s lives. It is concerning that some folks in the public are fearful of retribution if the president is crossed or questioned. This is still a democracy, and he needs to do his job in a nonpartisan and equitable manner. And those elected representatives need to be allowed to do their job, without fear or recrimination.

Cynthia Gargovich, Sacramento

Trump, be nicer to us

So sad that Mr. Smith thinks receiving federal aid in a disaster is a popularity contest. Are not Californians also Americans? Do we not pay taxes? Are we not all equal in the eyes of the law?

If Trump denies California’s request for federal assistance due to the Oroville Dam crisis, it will again show his contempt for the law and for anyone who doesn’t agree with his thoughtless and careless whims.

He is not a dictator yet, and we are still a country of laws and of equity.

Mike Whiteside, Sacramento


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