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‘Beauty Queen’ and ‘Laughing Boy’ can’t replace seasoned anchors

Nightly news

Re “Channel 10 news anchors Cristina Mendonsa and Dale Schornack leaving the station” (Page 4A, May 5): My wife and I have watched Dale Schornack and Cristina Mendonsa nightly since moving to Northern California 15 years ago.

Over the past few months, it has been fairly obvious that KABC News10 has been trying to attract a younger audience. Advertisements with the news team on skate boards, and slogans like "not your grandma's news," would indicate a shift to a younger demographic. Unfortunately, program management doesn't get it. Young people don't watch evening news. They get it from the Internet and social media.

Does management really believe that the Beauty Queen and Laughing Boy could possibly have the gravitas and credibility of seasoned reporters Schornack and Mendonsa? I think they'll soon learn they haven't gained a younger audience, but lost an older, more loyal audience, in the process. I guess it is time to start shopping for another news show.

Richard Tipton, Roseville

Drunken driving

Re “Capital's legal services to help fight deportation” (Page 3A, May 6): Mayor Darrell Steinberg says undocumented immigrants with violent criminal records will not receive taxpayer funded legal aid. Allegedly, he draws the line at "people who are a threat." Yet immigrants caught driving under the influence will get aid. Nearly one third of all traffic deaths in 2014 were caused by people driving under the influence. Apparently, the mayor thinks drunken drivers are not a threat. Sober analysis suggests the opposite.

Ward Campbell, Sacramento

Certain truths

Re “Who could lose health insurance in California under GOP Obamacare repeal plan?” (sacbee.com, May 4): About 50 years ago, economist John Kenneth Galbraith stated: "The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness." House Republicans proved that Galbraith's words ring true.

Terry Sorensen, Folsom


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