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Why diaper, tampon tax breaks make sense

Delta fish

Re “These fish are in a bad way,” (sacbee.com, May 7): The “early analysis by federal wildlife officials” this article purports to describe was just that, an early analysis that did not include measures to mitigate for potential harm to winter-run Chinook salmon, Delta smelt, and other listed species.

The final biological opinions expected soon from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service will include measures to protect species. We hope The Sacramento Bee gives its readers the full analysis, as opposed to a preliminary look at half the equation.

The way we divert water now in the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta fails both fish and people. California WaterFix would restore more natural flow patterns and safeguard supplies.

Cindy Messer, chief deputy director, California Department of Water Resources, Sacramento

Tampon tax

Re “Exempt diapers and tampons from taxes? Nice idea but poor policy” (Dan Walters, May 10): North Carolina just gave Credit Suisse Bank a $40 million tax break to relocate from New York. To convince parts of the film industry to stay in California, we gave them hundreds of millions of dollars in tax breaks. Both are loopholes.

I am sure people who are employed can afford diapers and tampons. To suggest that giving a tax break for the purchase of diapers will open the flood gates for more requests is myopic. Stating that it will further complicate our tax code again seems to ignore the enormous breaks the wealthy get.

For real solutions, look to the European Union. It is illegal for member states to offer tax breaks to relocate companies. That is a first step in fighting tax loopholes.

Richard Kuechle, Lincoln


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