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Marijuana definitely helps, says one who knows

Marijuana grows in a rural area near Corvallis, Ore.
Marijuana grows in a rural area near Corvallis, Ore. Associated Press file

Sea level rise

Re “U.S. holds off from backing climate pact” (Page 1A, May 28): CO2 levels above 500 parts per million could melt all of the ice on land, and raise sea level 216 feet. Sacramento has an elevation of 13 feet. To prevent Sacramento from flooding from sea level rise, do we need a dam across the Golden Gate Bridge?

Bruce Burdick, Carmichael

Climate change

Trump is considering withdrawing from the Paris climate treaty, signed by nearly every country. Although 22 Republican senators urged him to pull out, a few Republicans such as Sen. Lindsey Graham and the 20 members of the House Climate Solutions Caucus are trying to prevent their party from destroying a livable climate for future generations. Republicans need to decide if they want to be recorded in the history books as the party that left the world a far worse place for our children and grandchildren. If not, they need to stop denying the problem and start doing something about it.

Dana Nuccitelli, West Sacramento

Short-sighted view

Donald Trump’s passivity toward climate change, while not immediately harmful, will have long-term negative effects. The Paris accord has been one of the biggest steps taken toward helping our environment, and it is important that each nation that signed it do their part. If we ignore climate change today, we will certainly feel the effects in the future.

Claire Fetros, Sacramento

Yes, pot helps

Re “Let’s find out if pot can help vets with PTSD” (Editorials, May 29): I’m a USMC Purple Heart vet with PTSD. As a vet I can tell you, after years of experience, that, yes, pot helps with PTSD and just about everything else.

William J. Hughes, Sacramento


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