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Letters: Health care for all is fantastic, just like the bullet train

Health care for all

Re “Government-run universal health care wins vote in California Senate” (sacbee.com, June 1): Congratulations, California. The state Senate has passed the single payer medical plan. Anyone at anytime could access the health care system with no co-pays. Referrals will allow necessary surgeries, MRIs and other medical services. And there is no tax increase. Eureka, the golden state has found the answer to health care. The cost is $400 billion, two times the state budget and enough to fund five bullet trains. This is fantastic. Vote for Gavin Newsom and all other Democrats to be sure this system is enacted.

Pat Whittington, Citrus Heights

Who needs logic?

I'm trying to understand the spending logic of a $400 billion annual liability for California single payer health care, which is worming its way through the Legislature, without mention of how to pay for the program. Considering the annual budget for the state is a little under $200 billion, it seems insane. It could mean that taxes will rise by 300 percent. That should cover it.

Gerry Old, Auburn

Recycling scam

Re “Your local recycling center is in trouble – should California come to the rescue?” sacbee.com, June 4): Another tax bait and switch: As an avid recycler, I have to ask just where all the plastic and aluminum can fees charged to Californians have gone. If the state can't provide the answer, then eliminate the fee.

Liz Forsman, Sacramento


Re “The Latest: GOP fundraising off Griffin photo controversy” (sacbee.com, June 2): Comedian Kathy Griffin posted a picture which she had a constitutional right to post, and faced outrage. While that firestorm raged, Vladimir Putin praised President Trump for withdrawing our country from the Paris Climate Accords. That the greatest enemy of this country approves of what our president is doing should cause outrage. President Trump signed into law a bill that allows employers to deny health insurance coverage for women's reproductive rights. Where was the outrage? Stop watching the sideshows and focus on the real threats.

Laurie Resnikoff, Sacramento

Better parenting

It is hard to see much difference between Kathy Griffin’s poor judgment and taste than much of the work of ad agencies, the media, sanctuary cities, fashion, movies and many liberal politicians. Many would blame this coarsening in America on decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court, but really the problem could be curbed at its source--the home, with better parenting.

M.A. Figueroa, Sacramento


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