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Democratic challenger Kimberly Ellis is providing cover for Donald Trump

Dems eat Dems

Re “Was Berniecrats’ choice to lead California Democrats cheated out of the chairmanship?” (sacbee.com, June 5): After attending all but two state Democratic conventions since 1975, I have never seen such hogwash of fake "news" that Kimberly Ellis put out in an email. After two weeks of reviewing ballots by Ellis and the former failed state party controller, Hilary Crosby, still not one name of a delegate who was not suppose to vote. As the Wendy's commercial said: Ellis, Where's the Beef? A Democrat demanding that the California Democratic Party ask for IDs to vote is outrageous. Donald Trump must be laughing that Ellis is joining him, demanding that all voters, especially African-Americans and Latinos, be denied the right to vote unless they have basically notarized and Republican-approved ID. Most Democrats think this is a week to focus on former FBI Director James Comey, Trump and Russia. But Ellis and Crosby are giving political cover for Trump.

Bob Mulholland, Democratic National Committee member, Chico

Tunnels needed

Re “Delta tunnels won't help on climate change“ (Another View, June 6): Barbara Barrigan-Parilla’s op-ed assumes the Delta will survive climate change. It will not. California has two choices: Build the twin tunnels and save some of the expensive stored water from Shasta, Oroville, Folsom and the Trinity or let it all go to the ocean. I joined an engineering study of water demands on the Delta 65 years ago as a young civil engineer, and learned the bizarre pivotal role played by the Delta in the distribution of much of California’s water. More than 1000 miles of rickety Delta levees protect 300,000 acres of below-sea-level Delta farmland. Stored water pushes salt water downstream as far as Antioch, assuring fresh water for the 300,000 acres. Stored water is also pushed south across the Delta by the rickety levees. There aqueducts pick it up to serve the South Bay, San Joaquin Valley and Southern California. Water agencies with a stake in the Delta know that before another 65 years roll by climate-changed sea level rise will destroy the levees. The 300,000 acres will become a salt sea. Not a bucket of fresh water will move South unless taken across the Delta in a row boat.

Seward L Andrews, Sacramento

Health care for all

Re “California Democrats are acting like Republicans on health care” (Editorials, June 5): The Sacramento Bee dismisses 6 million organized Californians who support the Healthy California Act by criticizing the legislation, Senate Bill 562. The California Nurses Association sponsors the bill, and it is supported by a University of Massachusetts study. The insurance industry line is that the $404 billion cost is a deal breaker. But that is what we are paying now. It’s obscene that we’re spending that much for shameful outcomes. Two big facts: 71 percent of the money that pays private providers is from public dollars. Second, at least 30 percent is diverted for corporate administration, salaries, advertising and bureaucracy to reject claims. There is virtually no accountability for the callous insurance industry, hospitals or pharmaceutical conglomerates. This would all change with the expanded Medicare envisioned by SB 562. We need to commit to a true health care system.

William Bronston, California capital chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program, Sacramento


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