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Tunnels will wreck the Delta

Delta tunnels

Re “Jerry Brown sends a message to water agencies on the Delta tunnels – and it’s direct,” (Dan Morain, June 1): Dan Morain gets it wrong on the proposed tunnels’ impact on Delta agriculture. “Delta interests have all the water they could possibly want,” he writes. Okay, but with the tunnels in place, it will be salt water. You can’t farm with salt water. It stunts crops and ruins the land. Forever.

Good luck convincing Delta people to support their own demise.

Wendy Heaton, Clarksburg

Watering patios

I did something last week not done in three years because of the drought and urban water use conservation restrictions. I power washed my patios and walkway. Being one of the architects (now retired) of the emergency water regulations and urban drought response at the State Water Resources Control Board, I was acutely aware of the issues and implications associated with local and statewide water conservation efforts.

Now, with the Carmichael Water District and the Sacramento Region in a normal water year, there is not the need to do without, allowing us to take the water we need and to use it wisely. Water use efficiency and water waste reduction are those principles for which we should all strive, not water conservation for conservation's sake when there is ample supply. Now on to the driveway.

Mark Emmerson, Carmichael

China deal

Re “Without Washington, Jerry Brown makes clean energy deals with China” (sacbee.com, June 7): Just wondering: Were the words "North Korea" ever mentioned in China by Gov. Jerry Brown. I suspect high-speed rail was discussed at length, privately.

Robert Arellanes, Rancho Cordova


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