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Cadiz Inc.’s water project would be safe. Or not

An area of the Mojave Desert near the site of the Cadiz Water project on the eastern edge of San Bernardino County in July 2015.
An area of the Mojave Desert near the site of the Cadiz Water project on the eastern edge of San Bernardino County in July 2015. New York Times file

Cadiz water

Re “Cadiz Inc. would harm the Mohave. Here’s how” (Letters, June 9): Sen. Dianne Feinstein continues to misrepresent facts and history about the Cadiz Water Project. After numerous public hearings and an extended comment period, the project was approved upon findings that operations will not cause any significant adverse impacts. San Bernardino County imposed a hard floor on groundwater use. Then, California courts, in 12 separate opinions upheld these findings.

The senator also continues to cite outdated recharge estimates produced more than 17 years ago in her condemnation of the project. Further, Feinstein continues to distract from the Mojave National Preserve’s own springs website discussion which that describes how area springs aren’t connected to groundwater in the valley, where the project is located. Continuing to misrepresent facts when the truth is readily available is inexplicable, and disappointing, especially when it’s done by someone who is supposed to be serving the interests of all Californians.

Courtney Degener, Cadiz Inc.

Save the desert

Our family has owned a section of land adjacent to the Cadiz property in the Mojave Desert for many decades. Our property is not for sale; it is a fine place for the snakes, tortoises, lizards and wild things of the world to wander on, under and through. The property is also open for people to wander upon. The Cadiz water company would destroy the plants and animals in this entire desert by depleting the aquifer. The Cadiz lawyers have no legal right to the water, so they are trying to use an antiquated railroad right of way to steal it from Mother Nature. Water is essential to all of the plant and animals. Animals have no options other than what nature provides. Please take a stand for the wildlife. Sen. Dianne Feinstein is right. Leave that aquifer alone.

Bill and Mary Fuhs, Acampo


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