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Reaction to rock attack on bicyclists on American River Parkway

Collapsed lung

Re “Three cyclists were hit by rocks on the American River Parkway. One has a collapsed lung.” (sacbee.com, June 16): Countless fires, dog attacks and now rock attacks? Enough with the tut-tutting and claims there’s no money for more rangers. Get the homeless campers out of our parkway now. If it’s illegal to camp, and you’re camping, you’re a criminal. Find a few bucks for some port a potties and let them pitch their tents on city or county land until a more permanent solution is found. But evict them from our parkway now. Public health and safety demand it.

Lawrence Bernstein, Sacramento

Help homeless

Is having 37 new park rangers, maintenance workers and animal control officers along the troubled riverbank the path we want to take toward solving this chronic problem? Most supervisors are treating people who struggle with homelessness as pests. Having more patrol teams in the area would only push homeless campers to other areas. Giving more and more citations to campers only makes it harder for them to get back on their feet. The top focus should be on helping them rather than worrying about a parkway. The problem of homelessness will not be solved until we put their needs before the needs of our own.

Andrew Haddad, El Dorado Hills

Dodging rocks

Individuals living along the river need a place to go. The city and county's shelter space is grossly inadequate to meet the needs of Sacramento's homeless population. For the many homeless persons saddled with mental health and addiction diseases, opportunities for meaningful treatment are lacking. Enforcement of the camping ban will turns homeless people into criminals. That is unjust. An alleged sanctuary city like Sacramento should be a sanctuary to all persons, including those not fortunate enough to afford skyrocketing midtown and downtown rental prices. Cyclists should not have to dodge projectiles while enjoying the Parkway. Yet homeless persons should also have better housing options than tents by the river.

Cameron Goodman, Davis

Animal shelter

Re “Elk Grove to build its own animal shelter” (sacbee.com, June 15): I am excited to read that Elk Grove will be building its own shelter for homeless animals. I wonder if they will also be building a shelter for homeless persons.

Mark Stivers, Sacramento


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