Letters to the Editor

Kimberly Ellis’ stand; Tom McClintock’s non-answer

Kimberly Ellis

Re “Kimberly Ellis, the most powerful, unelected person in California Democratic politics” (Erika D. Smith, June 20): Kimberly Ellis said: “My philosophy is that politics should be used to help others ... That if you are a Democratic elected official ... your job should be focusing on doing what’s right for your constituents and being responsible for them.” As a conservative Republican I can agree with almost everything she said. Rather than “being responsible for them,” my goal would be to advocate for a system within which people would have the opportunity to provide for themselves. I believe policy making is the practice of finding common ground in order to work toward solutions, and see plenty of daylight here. Maybe Ellis could at least understand the wisdom of that difference between a Progressive and a Conservative approach to policy. And maybe the state would be better off with Ellis as California Democratic Party leader.

Roger Niello, Fair Oaks

Tom McClintock

I attended Rep. Tom McClintock’s town hall in Jackson this week, and was one of the constituents chosen to ask a question. My questions revolved around McClintock's opening statement regarding civil discourse. I pointed out the duality of the manner in which he addresses his constituents and his preference to refer to people with whom he doesn't agree as radicals. I asked him to specifically disavow poisonous campaign rhetoric and refrain from labeling and demeaning his constituents. His non-answer did nothing to address my questions. He asked for civility and respect, but he couldn't commit to the same. His disdain for the concerns of constituents with whom he disagrees was evident in the tone of his answers and his repeated failure to specifically answer the question he was asked.

Barbara Smith, Auburn

Health care bill

When President Donald Trump and Senate Republicans are willing to sign up their friends and family to this "wonderful" health care bill, then maybe they can persuade the rest of the country to go along. Otherwise, let's call this bill what it is: a huge tax break for the wealthy with no intention to care for anyone besides their own. The reason people are so angry is that no one is being listened to and millions will lose their health coverage if this secret bill passes and is signed into law.

Judi Williams, Davis


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