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Mitch McConnell’s ‘death panels’ will kill sick, needy and elderly people

Death panels

Re “And you thought Republicans’ health care bill couldn’t get worse” (Editorials, June 22): The Republicans were right. The Affordable Care Act did result in death panels being created. But these are headed by Mitch McConnell and staffed by Republican senators. Meeting in secret, they’ve decided millions of American citizens deserve to die. So what? They’re the sick, the needy, and the elderly. They can’t afford to buy a senator. Their lives aren’t worth the tax cut that the wealthy will get. And they’re probably all Democratic voters anyway.

John Soltesz, Orangevale

Opioid crisis

Re “Stockton, fire district, county sue drug firms over rising use of opioids” (Page 4A, June 26): The FDA approves all drugs. Isn’t it responsible for approving these opioids? Doctors prescribe these drugs. Aren’t they responsible? Patients apparently over self-medicate. Aren’t they responsible? It looks like there is enough responsibility to spread around, but if the opioids are so dangerous, the FDA should never have approved them.

Janis Hightower, Orangevale

Ford in China

Re “Ford signals auto world that China can achieve top quality,” (Page 1F, June 25): China’s steep tariffs make it impossible for multinational manufacturers to compete in China unless they produce there. China pressures companies to transfer their cutting-edge technology as a condition of doing business there. China’s money and technology come from us, with a huge trade surplus. China uses this to produce nuclear-tipped missiles and bombs and is the largest air polluter in the world. Ford’s greed shows why international companies must be reined in.

Bill Jurkovich, Citrus Heights


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