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Letters: Anthony Kennedy, Jerry Brown’s liberal policies, cops’ tough job


Justice Kennedy

Re “Justice Anthony Kennedy must not retire. Here are three reasons why:” (Editorials, June 27): In stating that a second appointee by President Donald Trump to the U.S. Supreme Court would shift the court to the right, The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board implies that that Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, Neil Gorsuch and John Roberts are solidly implanted right-wing extremists. Yes, including that same John Roberts who saved Obamacare. To accept that supremely judgmental terminology, one presumably would need to swing hard left in order to view the four unswervingly liberal members of the court.

James McCandless, Roseville

Liberal policies

Re “‘Rash of violent and aggressive behavior’ has downtown on edge” (Page 3A, June 28): The Sacramento Bee takes the wrong tack. The article cites a rash of violent and aggressive behavior and implies homeless people are to blame. This crime uptick was predictable. Gov. Jerry Brown and his liberal cohorts in the Legislature changed laws to release dangerous inmates. Who in their right-thinking minds would want their friends, neighbors, loved ones and themselves to have increased exposure to these people? Not me. Nor do I appreciate the anti-police movements that are so dangerous and unfair to our officers.

Kenny Shoemake, Sacramento

Respect police

Re “Police move to fire officer who killed knife-wielding black man in controversial shooting” (Page 1A, June 27): Yes, Sacramento policemen should move – move to a place where they are respected and appreciated for the difficult and dangerous job they do. A Sacramento police officer’s choices are limited to doing nothing, or being dead or fired. I’m glad I live in Citrus Heights where our police are respected and appreciated.

Bill Jurkovich, Citrus Heights


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