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Sacramento region needs public transit on I-80, not an overpriced trolley



Re “Transit is key to adding jobs in Sacramento” (Viewpoints, July 26): I hoped Barry Broome would have thought outside the box in his piece about providing public transit for the area. Instead, we received an appeal to throw money at the problem and heard again about that wretched, overpriced streetcar to take folks from overpriced new developments in West Sacramento over to Urban Hipsterville with its expensive housing, much of which has been subsidized by the taxpayers at top dollar. To make this grand scheme for a world-class city work, our workers must have a variety of housing along transit corridors, including transit along that much-neglected Interstate 80. Otherwise, it’s just a bunch of expensive hot air focusing on a limited area of the sacred city center.

Bob Rystad, Citrus Heights


Re “No justice for Sacramento running legend hit by cyclist on the American River Parkway” (Marcos Breton, July 25): There is no excuse for a cyclist running into anyone. Given that, Bill Finkbeiner potentially contributed to his accident by walking on the wrong side of the trail. There are notices stenciled on the trail at random points, which indicate that the walker-runner should be on the shoulder on the other side of the trail, facing oncoming traffic. For a seasoned runner to not know this is strange.

Bill Walters, Carmichael


Now that the cyclists have taken over the sidewalks, where does the city suggest we walkers walk? One false move and you are dead because of cyclists whizzing by. Can’t walk on the street, too dangerous. With cyclists in charge, we walkers are in danger of being arrested for impeding the flow of cyclists on the sidewalks. Does the city have any plans?

Julia Leissl, Sacramento


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