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Tesla + Legislature + STEM school + ‘Dreamers’

A Tesla recharges at a charging station at Cochran Commons shopping center in Charlotte, N.C.
A Tesla recharges at a charging station at Cochran Commons shopping center in Charlotte, N.C. AP


Re “Legislators wouldn’t penalize Tesla for operating in California. Would they?” (Editorials, Sept. 13): I was saddened by the action of our Legislature to inject itself into the Tesla Motors-United Autoworkers dispute. I would not be surprised to see Tesla leave our state, as there are far more business-friendly states that would welcome it and its many jobs. With the anti-Tesla, anti-business action, our Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown probably made California a non-starter in the location bidding for the new Amazon headquarters. Without jobs, our already high poverty rate will continue to increase.

Mike Gibson, Fair Oaks


Re “Here’s a way to add diversity to sciences in California” (Viewpoints, Sept. 13): Our vision at the Sacramento City Teachers Association is to make Sacramento the destination school district for California, where parents want their children to attend; students are challenged and rewarded with a high quality, well-rounded education; and talented educators are valued and choose to spend their careers. That can’t happen if bills like AB 1217 are passed. Assembly Bill 1217 would create private schools with public funds, robbing students of public resources. We’re working hard to make sure students get the education they need. We are in negotiations with Sacramento City Unified School District discussing the resources and opportunities our students need to be successful. We are accountable and we’re holding SCUSD accountable. In reading AB 1217, it’s clear there would be no accountability.

David Fisher, Sacramento City Teachers Association president


Re “‘Dreamers’ would receive more financial, legal help under new California plan” (sacbee.com, Sept. 13): Our Legislature’s leaders are proposing a free ride for “Dreamers” to go to college. So our taxes and tuition for our kids go up so DACA kids can dream for free. Is this a great country, or what?

Bill Jurkovich, Citrus Heights


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