Letters to the Editor

Letters: Mourn the dead, don’t jump on gun control bandwagon

Re “Las Vegas shooting must, finally, stir Congress to act. But will it?” (Editorials, Oct. 3): It has been reported that an automatic weapon or weapons were used in the Las Vegas shooting. The chances of an average citizen getting a license for an automatic weapon are slim and none. Therefore, the shooter had a license which is easily verified, or someone illegally retro-fitted his guns to become automatic, or he purchased them illegally. Unless the government did a poor job investigating and issued a license to the shooter, no gun control laws would have prevented this shooting. So maybe the media and politicians need to wait until the investigation has been completed before jumping on the gun control band wagon. For now, they should be mourning the dead and helping make sure the injured are healing.

John Hightower, Orangevale