Letters to the Editor

Letters: We have a profit-driven interpretation of the Second Amendment

Re “Las Vegas shooting must, finally, stir Congress to act. But will it?” (Editorials, Oct. 3): For why Steven Paddock chose to massacre attendees of a Las Vegas concert one answer is clear: He did so because he could. He could inflict mass carnage and did. Whatever other motives, he followed through thanks to a cynically corrupted Second Amendment interpretation as rationalization for his right to deadly firepower. To use as he saw fit. America awash with gun violence on so grand a scale was not always thus; nor were there such unseemly devotions to super-killing firearms. I recall my father's hunting partner, late of World War II battlefields, scolding me for my then juvenile fascination with guns. From those years, there was little evidence of a profit driven trumpeting of a perverse interpretation of Second Amendment rights.

Spencer P. Le Gate, Sacramento