Letters to the Editor

Letters: Second Amendment martyrs

My condolences to all who lost loved ones in Las Vegas. No one should lose anyone in this way. We all know that our leaders will fail us again. They will consider us the “militia” and neglect the part about being “well regulated.” They will be slaves to their ideology and accept money from the NRA, allowing us to be unavoidable casualties to their cause. We are all potential martyrs to the Second Amendment. It doesn't matter if you are a concert goer, parishioner, police officer or a kindergartner. The shooter is allowed to buy any military grade mass murder weapon in most states. And we can do little to stop it. Martyrs to the Second Amendment should be remembered in a memorial. It should memorialize all the victims, including the wounded, though not the shooter. Perhaps if something like this could be done, the next time Congress votes on any gun legislature, the list of the fallen would be on all their desks. Maybe it would help.

William Lesh, Roseville