Letters to the Editor

Letters: Girls will change Boy Scout Troop 121. Take it from someone who knows

Re “Boy Scouts will no longer be boys-only, and not everyone is happy about it” (sacbee.com, Oct. 11): I am a Boy Scout with Troop 121 in Granite Bay. I am writing to you about girls being allowed into the Boy Scouts. Recently, girls have been let into the Boy Scouts after many families demanded it. My opinion is that girls have other options for leadership training and camp like what we do in Boy Scouts. However, boys don’t have that many options other than Boy Scouts for those things. So I think it should be kept to boys. My mom asked how I would feel if a girl did eventually join Troop 121. I told her I would be fine with it, but it will be different for everyone that's for sure.

Nathan Malenke, Granite Bay