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Letters: Don’t waste money to fight homelessness

Homeless magnet

Re “Sacramento County just found millions of extra dollars to spend on homelessness. Time to cash in” (Editorials, Oct. 18): Sacramento wants to spend another $50 million, like it’s another 20 bucks. Maybe it’s time to divide the homeless into three groups. There appears to be mentally disturbed people, the alcohol and drug dependent people and people who are down on their Luck. Get the mentally ill into facilities and help the ones who are down on their luck by feeding them and giving them city or county jobs and to get them off welfare. Create laws to get the alcohol and drug users off the street and into jail and make sure the drugs and alcohol are not available there. They can rehab there. Those who don’t will not want to go back and move on. If we create a mecca, we will only attract more of them. We currently are spending about $9,000 per homeless person and Mayor Darrell Steinberg wants to make it $20,000 per homeless person. It must be spent wisely. Let’s not create a magnet for even more homeless people.

Dave Savage, Sacramento

Throwing money

To help reduce homelessness in Sacramento County, The Sacramento Bee’s editorial board advocates spending tens of millions of taxpayer dollars for addiction treatment and mental health counseling. Before spending our money, what success rate can be reasonably anticipated for these programs? Can the county force homeless people to participate? What can be done with those people who don’t participate? Will providing free or heavily subsidized housing for the homeless draw more of them to our area? Convince us that our money will be well spent.

Wes Hill, Carmichael


If we add the $98.4 million The Bee says the county has squirreled away for homeless services to the $64 million the city of Sacramento has budgeted for homeless services, the total is $162.4 million. Divide that by the 3,600 people listed as homeless in surveys and we have some $45,000 a year for each homeless person. Why then do we have a homeless problem?

Brian Myers, Penryn


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