Letters to the Editor

Letters: Gasoline taxes hurt workers + GOP tax cut helps rich + What about veterans?

Our high taxes

Re “Gas prices up 26 cents compared to last year” (sacbee.com, Nov. 6): Due to constantly increasing taxes, lower and middle class cannot afford to enjoy California. Residents on fixed income and workers find their income decreases. If you relate disposable income to freedom and quality of life, you lose by living in California. Republicans in Washington are trying to put more money in our pockets by cutting federal taxes. California Democrats, who need your money for the greater good, will see any federal tax decrease as another income source to which they are entitled.

Richard Wilder, Rocklin

Rich will benefit

Re “House tax panel adopts GOP changes after day of bickering” (sacbee.com, Nov. 6): I can see why the proposed tax rewrite is simpler for the wealthy: No pesky estate tax; no alternative minimum tax, which was enacted so that they pay something closer to their fair share; and continued preferential tax rates for investment income under capital gains. For wage earners, not so much. Their income still is likely to be taxed at a higher rate than passive investments. They will pay accountants to figure their taxes by standard deduction and itemization in order to know which is the better option. They, more than the wealthy, will feel the effects of the $1.5 trillion this will add to the national debt. Why is there talk about cuts when we have a deficit? I thought Republicans prided themselves on fiscal responsibility.

Linda Tinsman, Lincoln

Veterans need help

Re “GOP tax cuts would hammer California’s poor” (Viewpoints, Nov. 7): On Veterans Day, let us remember that veterans are waiting months for medical assistance due to lack of staffing and funding at VA hospitals. PBS recently aired the documentary, “The Human Cost of War,” to highlight this national tragedy. Huge tax cuts for the wealthy and federal deficits will exacerbate this problem. Let’s tell our politicians that we want to make life better for our military veterans, not the wealthy people who do not need our help. This is the most effective and most sincere way to thank veterans for their service.

Kathryn Lewis, Sacramento