Letters to the Editor

Letters: Donald Trump fails to accept responsibility for election losses

Re “Ralph Northam's Virginia win is a balm for jittery Democrats” (sacbee.com, Nov. 8): Donald Trump takes no responsibility for the disappointing Republican results in state and local elections on Nov. 7. He had few supportive words for candidates who lost and quickly blamed them for their campaign choices. Trump places no value in expanding Republican support and behaves as if he wants to shrink future votes from people who lean toward conservative principles. His “I alone” creed may have been a boast about his confidence to succeed, but has become a description of his inability to build a winning team, leaving him isolated. People tend to rally around a leader who can share accomplishments and jointly learn from failure. Conversely, Trump shuns team work and has no sense to improve given his false self-image of perfection. He fails to build and can only dismantle.

Dan Fong, Rancho Cordova