Letters to the Editor

Letters: Kate Steinle case shows moral confusion of the liberals


Re “Kate Steinle has been a martyr. It’s time to let her be a daughter” (Editorials, Dec. 2): The Sacramento Bee’s editorial regarding the Kate Steinle case illustrates perfectly the moral confusion of the progressive left. While acknowledging several boneheaded breakdowns that led to Steinle’s death, the editorial ends with a shrug and a we-need-to-move-on attitude, as if there’s nothing we can do to prevent this from happening again.

Sure, President Donald Trump and the right wing have used this case to play politics, but the left is doing something even worse. They’re arrogantly shrugging off this event because the murderer was one of their sacred cows: a poor, sad sack illegal alien. Wrong. He’s a scumbag murderer. This underscores the fact that the left has little respect for innocent human life. Had he been accused of sexual harassment, you’d want to string him up.

Kevin Rogenski, Vacaville

‘Sanctuary’ state

Your editorial concludes that Kate Steinle’s death should not be about the rest of us. It will be about the rest of us beginning January 2018 when California becomes a sanctuary state. This will put many more of us at risk of becoming the next Kate Steinle. I wrote my state legislators urging them to pursue the repeal of this sanctuary state nonsense.

Mark Doyle, Folsom

GOP tax plan

Re “How bad is the GOP tax plan for California? Republicans don’t even like it” (Editorials, Dec. 4): You state that “more than half of [poll] respondents said mostly wealthy people will benefit from the legislation.” But in fact, it will hit wealthy people in California very hard by eliminating state and local tax deductions. As the editorial points out, California “residents claimed a whopping $70 billion in such deductions in 2014.” And which residents claimed those deductions? The 30 percent who itemize their taxes. Thus the top one-third in income in the state will pay higher taxes by shouldering the loss of $70 billion in deductions.

John Caldwell, Rocklin