Letters to the Editor

Letters: ‘Thank God’ Doug Jones beat Roy Moore for U.S. Senate

Alabama election

Re “Democrat Doug Jones’ victory poses a threat to Senate Republican agenda” (sacbee.com, Dec. 12): Upon seeing the election results turning toward a win for Doug Jones, Roy Moore noted that the election was still in God’s hands. Well, God was ticked off about accusations of Moore being a pedophile. In addition, she didn’t appreciate his acknowledgment of slavery in the context of answering an African-American man’s question about the meaning of Donald Trump’s slogan “Make America Great Again.” Um, the election results showed the clear winner to be Doug Jones, thank God.

Carolyn Kopper, Davis

Doug Jones

Good for Alabama for not electing an alleged child molester to the Senate and instead selecting Doug Jones. Too bad for Sacramento. I wonder if Kevin Johnson ran for mayor in the current political climate would he have had a chance? I believe Mandi Koba.

Mark Collen, Sacramento

GOP tax plan

Re “Trump to make final pitch for GOP tax plan” (sacbee.com, Dec. 11): Donald Trump’s past claims and promises of greatness have been documented as lies. His boast of health insurance for all at a lower cost proved to be increased premiums and more than 20 million losing insurance. His great wall to be paid for by Mexico is now a required element in our federal budget with an unknown cost and completion date. His Christmas present of a tax plan to produce growth that would eclipse deficits is now a projected $1 trillion budget hole and rising taxes for many in the middle class after provisions sunset.

His treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, sells the tax plan claiming his department would verify Republican claims with a clear analysis. Like Trump, Mnuchin’s promise had no substance and his proof was a one-page highlight of past fluff. Trump and Republicans pay off corporate donors and their swamp expands to become an ocean. A tax cut is their heroin.

Dan Fong,

Rancho Cordova


Re “How sexual harassment is playing out in the California governor’s race” (sacbee.com, Dec 12): Take a good look at where we are. The “me too movement” may be politically correct, but what are the ramifications? Yes, there is no doubt that there are male (and female) predators in both the business world and government. But if harassed, why not report it? If worried about losing your job, do you really want to continue working in an environment of harassment?

Coming out 20 to 30 years later, there is no way to prove or disprove an allegation is wrong. There is only one result: You get your day in the sun, you may or may not get money. But after the news media talk and print it, you permanently ruin the reputation of the accused. Once publicly accused, there is no way to clear yourself. You are forever tainted. We truly, in our political correctness, have come a long way from innocent until proven guilty.

Horst Weinberg, Davis