Letters to the Editor

Letters: Congress must act to spare Dreamers now

Re “‘Dreamers’ must be saved, but not by Democrats holding government hostage” (Editorials, Dec. 7): In politics timing is everything. While I applaud The Sacramento Bee editorial board’s support of a legislative solution to protect Dreamers, I respectfully disagree that no action need be taken because the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program doesn’t expire until March. There are 800,000 young people protected by DACA who are completing college or advanced degrees, or are contributing to the economy as essential taxpaying workers. Many graduated this week in Sacramento. Their future is uncertain and many fear permanent banishment from the only home they know. Congress must approve a budget bill by December 22, which may include funding for enforcement. Every poll shows Americans support protection for Dreamers. Congress and the President must act now.

Eric Guerra, Sacramento city councilman