Letters to the Editor

Pot control + Tax bill + Marriage penalty + Matt Damon

Cannabis control

Re “Marijuana and Hmong farmers: Siskiyou County sheriff fights to control cannabis trade” (sacbee.com, Dec. 22): I find the war-like terminology The Sacramento Bee used to glamorize a sheriff targeting illegal marijuana grows to be scary, and a disturbing foreshadowing of what’s to come.

It would be nice if the capital city’s paper of record could report useful, educational news on this increasingly mainstream industry, instead of serving as a propaganda wing for the militarized agendas of public servants with badges, guns, and clearly, egos, who stubbornly defy the voice of the majority.

Robert Thomas, West Sacramento

Tax bill

Re “Thinking about prepaying your property tax by Dec. 31? Do it in person, county advises” (sacbee.com, Dec. 22): Thanks to The Sacramento Bee article, many homeowners are likely to needlessly prepay their April 2018 property tax bills. Why?

Because buried in the 19th paragraph of this article is the revelation that this affects only those whose combined state income tax and property tax exceeds $10,000.

For example, even couples earning a combined $150,000 and owning a home assessed at $500,000 will likely not exceed the $10,000 exemption. That caveat should have been a highlight, but alas, it was nowhere to be found.

John DeKellis, Rocklin

Property taxes

It is no wonder that President Trump’s new tax plan has so much opposition. The media tell us how terrible it is without sharing accurate information. Complaints abound about the losses of specific deductions, but the facts are, 70 percent of taxpayers claim the standard deduction already.

They just got their deduction nearly doubled which instantly results in a lower tax liability for them. The Sacramento Bee article encouraging taxpayers to pay property taxes early doesn’t advise people to check to see if they claim the standard deduction. There would be no effect on your 2017 or 2018 property tax deduction if you are claiming the standard deduction.

Jerry Cordy, Sacramento

Liberal media

The liberal media is amazing in the way it provides information. When 80 percent of income taxpayers will receive a tax cut, the media says it is a sham and a gift to the rich. When a budget is increased but not as much as the liberals expected, the media say it is a funding cut. I challenge The Sacramento Bee to show 2017 and 2018 U.S. tax liability for three income levels for a family of four.

Start with a $50,000 household, then $150,000 and finally $500,000 and let’s see who gets a tax cut. To make it realistic, show two cases, a renter and a homeowner in San Francisco. You might have to eat your editorials and commentary.

Jerry Pasek, Rancho Murieta

Marriage penalty

I am guessing that the Republicans did not realize it but they have made marriage more unattractive. How’s that you say, it’s the new limit on state and local tax deductions. Married working couples have a $10,000 limit on SALT but a working couple living together in sin can each claim up to the $10,000 limit on their individual taxes.

In effect the Republicans have re-established the marriage tax at least for those of us in high SALT states. Making America Great Again.

William White, Florin

Matt Damon

Re “The Year of #MeToo: A scoop, a tweet, and then a reckoning” sacbee.com, Dec. 19): The ridiculous tweets calling for Matt Damon to be exorcised from the film industry are appalling. If you listen to the whole interview, you would learn that what he was saying was that you cannot equate a slap on the butt to a brutal rape. Damon also said that physical abuse and rape were totally unacceptable. Read and think, snowflakes, before you tweet. Same advice I’d give the president.

Pat Whittington, Citrus Heights