Letters to the Editor

Letters: Making money is OK, even for Major League Soccer

Tom McClintock

Re “Let’s be clear on what Republicans are really saying about the Mueller probe” (sacbee.com, Dec. 14): As a patriotic American I am disgusted by the GOP’s attack on Robert Mueller’s character and the investigation he is leading into the Russian meddling in our election. Rep. Tom McClintock’s silence in not speaking out against these outrageous lies that his colleagues keep making on Fox News speaks volumes about who he is and whose interests he represents. He will rue the day that he stood silent regarding the integrity of an honorable man that was extended as the head of the FBI by a 98 to zero vote by the Senate.

Mike Holzer, Roseville

In it for the money

Re “MLS expansion fee” (Letters to the Editor, Dec. 23): A recent Sacramento Bee letter writer has his knickers in a knot because a business (Major League Soccer) wants to make money. The writer opines that “a lot of that money is lining some MLS organizers’ pockets.” Oh my! A business – not a government agency or a Wall Street company – wants to make money. Good heavens!

What’s next? Will MLS hire people to work and earn money at local soccer games and then have them pay income taxes to the state and Uncle Sam? Look out! Maybe the newly hired people will spend some of their newly earned money in our local and regional economy. I wish more businesses were like MLS and wanted to make money and invest in our regional economy.

Craig V. Shuey,


Robert Mueller

Re “Trump criticizes FBI deputy director as he plans retirement” (sacbee.com, Dec 23): I can’t see why Donald Trump and the Republicans can’t be tried on obstruction of justice charges. Mueller’s investigation is “ongoing.” They are making suggestions that Mueller and FBI officials should be fired if they don’t come up with the answer they want. Not really too much difference than when Trump cornered James Comey in private and asked him to drop the Flynn investigation and pledge his loyalty to him. I imagine Gotti and Capone asked the government to look somewhere else, too. Is this the new Republican Mafia?

James Kelley, Sacramento