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Governor’s tunnels, real terrorists, police dog

Bodie rests with pups born last week. The former police dog was shot in the line of duty in 2012.
Bodie rests with pups born last week. The former police dog was shot in the line of duty in 2012. Sacramento Police Canine Association

Not going to shut up

Re “Brown tells critics of Delta tunnels plan to ‘shut up’” (Page A1, May 7): Gov. Jerry Brown has lost it. He should know that we’ll shut up when he stops writing blank checks to his Big Ag pals in the Central Valley for all the water they need. Tell him we’ll shut up when he levels the playing field on water conservation by placing a moratorium on all new construction until it rains again. We’ll shut up when water is available at a fair market price to all consumers. We’ll shut up when he takes the shackles off his regulators so that they can actually enforce the Clean Water Act of 1970. We’ll shut up when he tells them to clamp down on oil barons who sell toxic-laden water from fracking to unsuspecting farmers. We’ll shut up when he stops the diversion and fouling of our streams and rivers by cannabis growers. We’ll shut up when a few of his polluter friends are actually convicted and sent to prison for high crimes against our very lifeblood – our water supply. We can’t help but wonder: Is this really the California of our hopes and dreams, when the governor tells his critics to shut up?

Alan D. Wade, Sacramento

Comments rude and dismissive

I just don’t find Gov. Jerry Brown’s words to critics of the Delta tunnels plan as funny as his audience apparently did at a recent meeting of water agency officials. “Shut up”? Not funny at all, but rather, rude and dismissive.

Building these expensive and destructive tunnels won’t solve California’s water problems. We can continue to plumb this beautiful state until it is little more than a mess of pipes, canals, tunnels, ditches and dams. That still won’t save us if it doesn’t rain. A better step in the right direction would be for all of us – individual users, farmers, industry, government – to accept the fact that we cannot continue to use water as lavishly and wastefully as we have in the past, and make changes accordingly. None of us has a God-given right to it.

Christa Romanowski, Meadow Vista

Governor’s new name

Gov. Jerry Brown continues to bully his Delta tunnel scheme opponents and recently told them to “shut up.” Maybe we should change his nickname to “Governor MEANbeam.”

Jon Wren, Chico

Attackers are real terrorists

Re “Pamela Geller is the real terrorist” (Letters, May 7): Letter writer Tom Funk suggests that encouraging cartoonists to draw the Prophet Muhammad is a terroristic endeavor. For him, it’s perfectly reasonable that the logical consequence of offering $10,000 for the best drawing of Muhammad is an attempted massacre.

I have no idea whether Pamela Geller had martyrism in mind when she organized the Garland, Texas, event, but even if she did, isn’t the bigger problem that real terrorists would attack Funk’s imagined “terrorist” over some drawings?

Andrew Alfonso, Davis

Who is really responsible for attack?

Attendance at Pamela Geller’s event was elective, not mandatory. This is America, those with differing views should either avoid or protest the event, not storm it with machine guns. She is as much responsible for the actions of the terrorists as a bank would be for the actions of a robber simply because there is money in the vaults.

Michael McMurry, Suisun City

Pure-bred dogs serve a purpose

Re “Why glamorize breeding dog?” (Letters, May 7): Where does this person think police departments get their dogs? Not from the shelters. They are usually purchased from Europe. Dogs and other animals have been selectively bred to help mankind for thousands of years, as guards, herders and hunters. Police K9’s do a specialized job.

You cannot adopt a mongrel from the shelter and expect it to perform as a police dog. You need a dog of a certain background and physical ability before police spend thousands of taxpayer dollars training it. Any department would be thrilled to have a son or daughter of Bodie. I’m sure they will go to working productive homes where they will serve mankind.

Carol McElheney, Elk Grove


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