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Do we need bottled water?

Bottled water companies have come under attack from environmental groups during the drought.
Bottled water companies have come under attack from environmental groups during the drought. Sacramento Bee file

Re “Bottled water companies under fire amid drought” (Insight, May 15): Before castigating bottled water companies for using our precious water, we all should look in the mirror and ask ourselves if we really need all that bottled water. Before bottled water became ubiquitous, we seemed to be quite satisfied with tap water.

Cutting back the amount of bottled water that we apparently can’t live without would not be good for the water companies, but it would be win-win-win: water savings, decreased number of plastic bottles and a reduction in household expenses.

Gerald Mohlenbrok, Lincoln

Bottled water meets a need

Bottled water companies supply a demand. If the public did not want to have the convenience of bottled water to take to the kids’ soccer games, picnics, etc., there would be no bottled water companies.

According to the Nestlé company, 80 percent of its bottled water is consumed in California. Therefore, the water is not wasted, just transported. So what if they make a profit; is that a crime?

I think the environmentalists need to find a real problem.

Dale Creasey, Fair Oaks

Another kind of Christianity

Re “U.S. has become less Christian, study finds” (Insight, May 13): The study about declining Christianity in the U.S. makes me sad. Conservative Christians have so taken over the message of Christianity that people equate it with a harsh, judgmental theology and mean-spirited, unsympathetic politics. And this is called “traditional Christianity”? How far it is from Christ’s message of love, forgiveness and social justice.

I belong to a progressive Christian church, which brings joy and meaning to my life. In my church, people explore spiritual ideas without fear of judgment or condemnation. I am sad that so many people will not even give Christianity a chance because they have a distorted vision of what it is and what it could be.

Marge Matoba, Davis

End aid to out-of-state students

Re “Aid for non-state students blasted” (Page 1A, May 14): I am upset about the University of California subsidizing out-of-state students. For the UC system to use our tax dollars for such a purpose is unconscionable. I hope the practice of giving financial support to out-of-state students will be discontinued.

Alan Moritz, Sacramento


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