Letters to the Editor

Letters: A comedy of errors, serious questions in Sacramento’s DA race

Errors in DA race

“DA candidate Phillips called sexist, racist email 'work appropriate … appropriate anywhere’” (sacbee.com, May 22): So Noah Phillips heartily endorses a sexist and racist email, sees nothing wrong with it having been received on a public email account, is shocked that his government email account is accessible by the government agency for which he works and, finally, shifts responsibility to the "callous and crude" culture created by his boss. Good to know that way back in 2016 he wasn’t bothered by sexism and racism, but realizes they are wrong now that he is running for office. On the other hand, I would like an explanation from District Attorney Schubert as to how this email made its way to The Sacramento Bee. Someone under her supervision appears to have sent a document – discovered pursuant to a publicly funded, internal office investigation – to a newspaper, for the purpose of influencing a political campaign. Why is this not misconduct?

Jeff DeLand, Fair Oaks

‘Smear campaign’

Want the worst way to handle a racist, sexist email? Just ask Noah Phillips” (Marcos Breton, May 23): The hypocrisy with respect to Phillips' email is astounding. Breton denounces Phillips because he did not denounce his relative for sending a smutty joke, and then details the whole joke in longhand. Did Phillips abuse his office with this email in any way, distribute it to co-workers, repeat it in front of sensitive people? There is no evidence of that. The Bee is participating in a cheesy smear campaign on behalf of the opposition. If every bloke who encountered smut online were to be pilloried by Mr. Breton and The Bee, the paper would need a month of editions a mile high.

John Sisson, Newcastle

Soros isn’t needed

George Soros wants to fix America's criminal justice system. Sacramento's DA race is a good place to start” (Erika D. Smith, May 18): We do not need Soros’ money to “fix” our criminal justice system. All we need to do is change the left-wing narrative regarding “racial profiling.” Racial profiling has been put forward by the left to push and perpetuate the “racial” divide in this country. Behavioral profiling takes what someone looks like out of the equation and puts their actions above all. A crime is an act and anyone can commit one. As long as people are not held accountable for their actions, but by their color, creed, ethnicity or political party, then equal justice will never be achieved.

Joan Bach, Sacramento

Priorities for police

No charges against Sacramento man arrested for leaving his car running, DA says” (sacbee.com, May 14): While I am happy the DA dismissed the charges, I have to wonder how many people have been arrested for leaving their car running in the driveway in the winter waiting for their windows to defrost. And, Mr. Policeman, have you made it your priority to drive around looking for these folks? The whole thing just makes me continue to question the priorities and behaviors of police in Sacramento.

Mary Short, North Highlands

Rabbi Taff is right

A provocative cartoon that ignored Jewish history” (sacbee.com, May 18): Hurrah to Rabbi Taff, for pointing out the racist, insensitive tone of Jack Ohman's cartoon. Massacre is never humorous and indicating that our government policies are at fault is dishonest. Hamas began its terror campaign long before our president announced the embassy move.

Bob Pitvorec, Citrus Heights

Fault Trump, Israel

Reuven Taff joins a predictable line of Jewish Americans whose knee-jerk reaction is to defend Israel’s most heinous actions. Jack Ohman’s cartoon touches nerves on several levels, as good satire should. Knowledgeable people advised Trump that moving our embassy to Jerusalem would ignite a violent reaction, for no good reason. So, of course, he did it anyway. A powerful bargaining chip was given away for free by the Great Negotiator. He sent his unqualified daughter to represent our country, along with a herd of right-wing evangelical leaders who have espoused appalling anti-Semitic views while supporting Israeli aggression in hopes of bringing on Armageddon. Predictably, unarmed demonstrators were needlessly killed. Hard to imagine how Trump could have done worse, but he'll find a way.

Harlan Edmonds,


It’s not anti-Semitic

As a fellow Jew I must take issue with Rabbi Taff's characterization of Jack Ohman's cartoon as anti-Semitic. The cartoon criticizes the lethal response of Israel to the Gaza demonstrations and the Trump administration’s policy towards the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, both of which many Jews oppose. There is nothing in the cartoon that references the “blood libel” or in any way equates the actions of the Israeli government with Jews in general. There is much to criticize about both the actions of Hamas towards Israel and Israel's policy towards the Palestinians. It is clear that neither side is pursuing policies that will lead to a sustainable solution to the conflict. Labeling criticism of Israel as anti-Semitic only inflames the situation and makes a resolution of the conflict harder to reach.

Jack Kashtan, Sacramento

Yes on Prop. 69

Last year, the League of Women Voters of California supported the passage of SB 1, which generates more than $5 billion annually to fix California’s aging transportation infrastructure. Proposition 69, on the June ballot, will ensure that funding is spent on transportation projects and prohibit the Legislature from redirecting it for other uses. It does not raise any new taxes. For decades, the League has been fighting for accountability and transparency in government. Proposition 69 will hold future Legislatures and governors accountable. In that tradition, we are proud to stand with a diverse coalition of public safety, labor, business and community groups in supporting Yes on Proposition 69.

Helen Hutchison,

President, League of Women Voters of California

Yes on Prop. 68

California needs to better prepare for wildfires, drought, a changing snowpack, and extreme weather events. Proposition 68 will help. It will fund projects that reduce the risk of natural disasters, boost forest health, improve water quality, safeguard our water supplies and protect sensitive wildlife habitat. Prop 68 also provides new funding for parks and recreation – something my kids and I care about very much. Prop. 68 would enable local groups such as the Placer Land Trust to leverage charitable support to protect more land for current and future generations. This is the first time in 15-plus that we have a legislatively approved ballot measure to protect our water, parks and natural areas. Please join me in voting yes on Prop 68.

Jeff Darlington,

executive director,

Placer Land Trust

Why not a tax cut?

Jerry Brown wants to save budget surplus, but we shouldn’t scrimp on these needs” (Editorials, May 21): You are correct to laud the governor for getting us out of budget woes. But your analysis of potential uses for spending the $8.8 billion surplus missed a key need. Remember, California is one of the highest-taxed states, and we are limited in the amount of state and local taxes that can be deducted from federal taxes. For many middle-class families, a key need is to reduce their tax burden. Why aren't we talking about a tax cut? The editorial board seems to have forgotten that taxes were raised during the economic crisis and, thanks to the governor’s prudence, they can now be rolled back.

Mark Henwood, Sacramento

Stand for anthem

'Stand and show respect' during national anthem? That's the NFL's plantation mentality” (Editorials, May 23): I served for eight years in the U.S. military during Korea and Vietnam. While I am still alive, many others died fighting for this country. It makes me very angry to see professional football players, who have never done anything to serve this country, disrespect our flag and country by not standing during the playing of the national anthem. Now that the NFL requires players who won’t stand to stay in the locker room, I expect TV networks to display them kneeling in the locker room. If they do, the NFL is history for me.

John Thomas West, Sacramento