Letters to the Editor

Letters: Close the Sacramento Zoo. Grow a botanical garden instead

Caged animals

“Don’t move the Sacramento Zoo. Close it. Give the animals a break.” (Marcos Breton, Oct. 5): How can we adults, especially parents, condone the zoo's keeping animals caged, let alone expanding it to include more and more animals? These animals are captured, kidnapped and caged for the rest of their lives. We send people to prison for treating children that way. These animals are someone's children when they are captured. If parents want to show their children animals in a way they can truly learn about them, I urge them to watch “Nature” on PBS and hopefully take their children into the wild to see animals in their natural home.

Maxine Cornwell,


Botanical garden

Instead of spending over $120 million to move the Sacramento Zoo, why not build a botanical garden? Sacramento, one of the largest cities in the country, is one of only two without a major garden. We are the capital of the fifth largest economy in the world. Even Cheyenne, capital of the state of Wyoming with barely half a million people, has a garden with a large conservatory. A garden can be just as profitable to the city as a zoo, and without any of the controversy.

Bruce Ritter,


Housing crisis

“Proposition 5 does nothing to help housing crisis and hurts locals” (sacbee.com, Oct. 8): California is in the midst of a housing crisis. While some work to find solutions, the California Association of Realtors has decided to treat the situation as a money-making opportunity. They put Propostion 5 on November’s ballot, marketing it as a solution to the state’s housing woes. In reality, the measure is a tax break for the affluent – and a source of higher commissions for the Realtors who sell them homes. It will push prices even higher and cause a $1 billion loss in property tax revenue – the very revenue that funds schools, fire and police, and local services for the homeless. Proposition 5 does absolutely nothing to help first-time homebuyers, renters and seniors unable to afford food and medication. California voters will not be fooled.

Helen L. Hutchison,

president, League of Women Voters of California

Tom McClintock

Post-Kavanaugh, both parties spoiling for a fight over educated women’s vote” (sacbee.com, Oct. 6): U.S. Rep. Tom McClintock characterizes the accusations against Justice Kavanaugh as "grotesque" and claims that, with Kavanaugh's confirmation, "our American principles of justice and fairness prevailed.” Whatever the truth is about Kavanaugh's adolescent behavior, for any victim of sexual abuse, McClintock's message is clear: American principles of justice and fairness do not apply. So just shut up.

Pat Cassen,


DMV ‘mess’

“‘We’ve got a mess on our hands’: Millions of Californians still need Real IDs from DMV” (sacbee.com, Oct. 5): The Department of Motor Vehicles blames delays on the Real ID, but I suspect a lack of organization, leadership and thought are the problem. I needed a change of address, so I decided to get the Real ID at the same time. I made an appointment five weeks ahead of time. At my appointment, the DMV reps put me through five lines. It took three hours. But my license, which I got in June, is only good until October 2019. And it will have to be renewed during the rush for people to get their Real IDs before the 2020 requirement. They are making me go through extra work and they are making the lines longer by making people come back so soon. Thanks a lot, DMV.

Glen Cunningham,

Granite Bay


“We already know what America would look like if Roe is overturned” (sacbee.com, Oct. 2): It's almost laughable, but so sad how the writer promotes abortion over childbirth, almost as the better alternative. I hope and pray that the women and men of America will wake up and take responsibility for their actions. I'm addressing those couples who have consensual sex. What America has provided you is birth control in many forms. In the majority of cases, they prevent unwanted pregnancies and diseases. I hope that our leadership focuses on prevention and accountability in the 21st Century.

Teresa Rodriguez,


Feinstein must go

In the race for U.S. Senate, there’s a good reason Kevin de León is the underdog against Feinstein” (Endorsements, Oct. 7): Sen. Feinstein’s response and actions at the Kavanaugh hearings are the exact reasons she needs to go. After the Democrats were manhandled, she just kind of her shrugged her shoulders in a “oh well” fashion. No emotion. No outrage. She is emblematic of what is wrong with Democratic Party. Republicans scream and holler and win. Democrats sit passively by and lose. It’s time for her to go..

Michael Santos,


Anthony Kennedy

Why is Anthony Kennedy smiling? He kept quiet on Kavanaugh, but can’t plead not guilty” (Marcos Breton, Oct. 9): Breton is way out of line in his attack on Justice Kennedy. Justice Kavanaugh is known by top attorneys, both liberal and conservative, to be one of the most qualified candidates to ever proposed for the Supreme Court. He clerked for Kennedy and is the first ever clerk to follow his mentor into the Supreme Court. Kennedy is rightly proud of him. The horrendous attack on Kavanaugh’s reputation and attacks on his family with uncorroborated testimony from some fuzzy memory 35 years ago has greatly harmed the #MeToo movement and the entire Democratic Party.

Kay Walsh, Sacramento

No on Prop. 11

On Propositions 8 and 11, vote to protect patient safety” (Endorsements, Sept. 12): As a paramedic I am encouraging you to please change your stance! First responders are at risk this November. Show your support for paramedics and EMTs and encourage voters to reject Proposition 11.

Giancarlo Galimberti,

Canyon Country