Letters to the Editor

Letters: What having Democrats back in charge really means

Dems in charge

What Democrats’ House majority next year will mean for California” (sacbee.com, Nov. 7): I am happy the Dems retook contol of the House. It would have been great for them to control the Senate, too, then we could return to the good old days of high unemployment, low wages, super regulation, businesses leaving for overseas, bad trade agreements, more “free” stuff, and all of the other things Democrats have championed. OMG.

David Williams, Roseville

Colin Kaepernick

“Be like Colin Kaepernick, take stand. Don’t be like him, fill out a ballot.” (Marcos Breton, Nov. 5): One short paragraph in liberal columnist Marcos Breton's praising of Colin Kaepernick captures why I cannot support him and continue to criticize the media. Breton wrote: “Kaepernick is a picture of righteous protest in the tradition of Ali.” I spent over 34 years as a good cop. No beatings, no harassing, no cheap actions. I know I am in the majority of cops in America. Kaepernick proudly wore socks that showed cops as pigs. He owes me an apology and the media needs to stop ignoring such an insult from this jock.

Bill Sanders, Gold River

Close the zoo

Don’t move the Sacramento Zoo. Close it. Give the animals a break” (Marcos Breton, Oct. 5): Animals in zoos are dying and it’s our fault. Zoos are promoted as forms of entertainment, but they are far from what they claim to be. People say zoos are good places for humans to learn about animals, but how come we can learn about dinosaurs without having to see them? Why must we cage animals in undesirable situations for the purpose of education? What’s enjoyable about seeing animals unhappy? All the money that could go into relocating this zoo could be used for a much wiser investment, such as a donation to a sanctuary for endangered animals or a charity that’s sole purpose is to protect animals in their natural habitats.

Nadia Al Ajmi, Walnut Creek

Deaths in jail

Questions remain of man who stopped breathing in county jail, died days later” (sacbee.com, Nov. 4): The jail is not a hospital, but the lives of inmates should be of concern. Recently, my mentally ill son was arrested. He remains in jail. He looks like he lost 20 pounds in 30 days. He says he cannot eat. His beautiful hazel eyes have turned to a pale green and have a sunken appearance. He does not know to seek attention. I too am afraid he will die in jail.

Sheila Johnson, Fair Oaks

Sheriff Scott Jones

Sheriff Jones: I’m accountable to voters, not The Bee or politicians” (sacbee.com, Nov. 6): Scott Jones words are meaningless. His actions speak volumes.

Rebecca Sharad, Sacramento

Stop bashing Trump

“This is where the dark tunnel leads” (sacbee.com, Oct. 29): Sasha Abramsky’s unfocused diatribe fails to inform or help readers. His muddled attempt to try to connect the Khashoggi killing to Hitler’s Germany and then to President Trump seemed to be a bizarre personal conspiracy theory. I would counsel Mr. Abramsky to go have a slug of whiskey and lighten up. He lives in the greatest country in the world and would be happier if he starts appreciating it. The Bee editorial board should give the readers better things to read on Sunday.

John Costello, Sacramento

Sasha Abramsky

Over the years, I have cut out of printed newspapers the occasional column that I find especially enlightening. I keep these inspirations in a file drawer as evidence of the high potential for human thought and expression. I read them again on discouraging days; when the whole world seems surrendered to a survivalists' camp, where we do what we fear we must. There are perhaps five folders in all, stuffed with the clippings of dozens of writers. I just want you to know that I have one entire folder devoted to journalist Sasha Abramsky.

Susan Andrews, Rocklin

OK to be white?

“‘It’s okay to be white’ posters found on American River College campus” (sacbee.com, Nov. 2): “It’s always concerning when anything offensive or hateful messaging is found on one of our campuses,” Ross said. “It’s incumbent upon us to be conscious of the culture in our community and ensure that our campuses are safe and welcoming environments.” Substitute any other descriptor for “white” in the phrase “it’s okay to be white” and what happens? Straight, gay, queer, LGBT, black, Hispanic, Latino, Asian, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, young or old. The message here is unambiguous: it is NOT okay to be white.

Gary Roberts, Davis

‘Silver tsunami’

Here’s an economic renewal program for California’s next governor.” (sacbee.com, Nov. 1): Kudos to Manuel Pastor for including the “silver tsunami” in his list of economic realities our new governor must address. Seniors and the disabled in California, especially the low-income, are facing an acute crisis in housing. Transportation has always been a problem for them, especially in areas that lack public transit. And of course the aging population will mean even greater challenges and costs in health care. The new governor and legislature must take these realities into account when seeking to move our state forward.

Steve Mehlman, California Senior Legislature

Bail reform

California's battle over bail bonds has only begun” (Dan Walters, Nov. 1): After reading Dan Walters’ column, I am concerned about what he wrote in the last paragraph, about the Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court being a behind-the-scenes figure in the late changes to SB 10. If this is accurate, what happened to the separation of powers between the legislative, executive and judicial branches of government? Aren't you concerned about this involvement?

Carol Navarro,