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Minimum wage, drought, special drivers for senators

Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco – at left with Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento – authored the minimum wage bill passed by the Senate on Monday.
Sen. Mark Leno, D-San Francisco – at left with Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento – authored the minimum wage bill passed by the Senate on Monday. rpench@sacbee.com

Minimum wage hike is one small step

Re “State Senate passes minimum wage hike” (Page 1A, June 2): While I commend California on having a higher minimum wage than the federal minimum wage, it’s just not enough. Nine dollars isn’t enough and unfortunately, neither is the $13 that this bill proposes.

There’s no way that $13 an hour can house, feed and clothe a family of three or four. While I do understand the concern that increased wages would negatively influence job creators, I think that the effect will be minimal compared to the profits that some of these companies are making. The positives that this will have on economic stimulation overshadows the effects on employers. This bill, while not a solution to poverty, is definitely a step in the right direction.

Miguel Lepe, Sacramento

Thanks, Senate, for increasing wages

Finally, California is acting to increase the minimum wage. In places like San Francisco and Los Angeles, making a low minimum wage is a ridiculous amount to live on, especially when people are supporting families. With this wage increase, the economy would be stimulated rather than stunted.

As someone who is likely to work for minimum wage in the near future, along with my peers who recently graduated from high school, this is much appreciated.

Summer Dalrymple,


Opposed to raising minimum wage

Re “Despite minimum-wage hikes, it’s still a struggle” (Page 1A, May 31): Although raising the minimum wage here in Sacramento sounds tempting and wins the nods of many, people need to think of the long-term effects of raising the minimum wage.

As the minimum wage is currently $9 an hour, increasing it by $6 is going a bit to the extreme. Is Sacramento ready for $15? Sacramento isn’t like the richer cities of San Francisco or Los Angeles. Raising the minimum wage would trigger increases in the cost of living and may even decrease employment.

Alicia Cheong, Sacramento

Credible solutions to water shortages

On May 31, CBS broadcast a “60 Minutes” report on groundwater overdrafting in the Central Valley. It concluded that the Valley will run out of water and that farming will be replaced by desert.

Building a few dams will not offset a growing annual deficit in available supply. The solution is obvious: Coastal communities need to build desalinization plants and stop taking water from the interior counties.

Interior counties need to recycle as much water as possible and find ways to effectively recharge aquifers, especially in wet years. Thus far, the leadership at the state level is lamentable.

Bruce Frohman, Modesto

Taxpayers are not baby sitters

Re “Special drivers for senators who drink” (Page 1A, May 30): I am furious. It’s my responsibility to help with the necessary costs of state government. It is not my responsibility to take care of drunks who are so irresponsible that they can’t get themselves home after a night or day of partying.

Legislators amass amazing perks. For them to be catered to when drunk cannot be tolerated. It is the responsibility of people who lack self-discipline and drink to excess to plan ahead for their own safety nets.

It is infuriating that state senators are able to squander our tax money because of their indiscretions and character flaws. Let them get arrested or use their own money for transportation and coddling. Losing their positions and all privileges should follow.

Janice Covel, Sacramento

Do they need help getting dressed?

So state senators have special drivers who come and get them and deliver them home when they drink too much, but their constituents must follow the law and be responsible for themselves.

I guess legislators need help. Should we provide them with employees to help them dress and eat?

Jerie Armentrout, Fair Oaks

Have they heard of taxis?

Our tax dollars are being spent to shuttle inebriated senators home to shield them from drunken driving arrests and public shaming. What gall.

Carolyn Walker, Sacramento


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