Letters to the Editor

Letters: A real short term solution is to buy an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle

Save gas money with electric cars

“California’s gas prices are ‘pure highway robbery.’ Let’s get our money back” (sacbee.com, May 21): Jamie Court of Consumer Watchdog suggested that “the short term solution for gas gouging is for the governor and Legislature to get back the billions of dollars of extra oil refiners have taken from us.” Good luck with that. A real short-term solution is to buy an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Charging my electric car at home is like getting gasoline for under $1 per gallon. And electric cars with great range are now offered at reasonable prices. Even more affordable are the used electric cars coming off their leases.

Paul Milkey,


Let’s take action

“Sacramento homeless shelter cost $5 million. How many people did it get off the streets?” (sacbee.com, May 15): If you walk around downtown Sacramento, say after a King’s game, ice skating in the winter, catching a Rivercat’s game or just stopping by your favorite café, you’ve probably seen firsthand the growing homeless population in Sacramento. According to the 2017 Point-in-Time Count, there has been a 30 percent increase in the homeless population in Sacramento, and this number is expected to continue rising. Service providers are struggling to meet the current need to provide shelter and beds for the homeless. The growing homelessness issue affects the growth, public safety and health of our city. To address this issue, we must raise more efforts to support the homeless population. More funding must be allocated to establish shelters and service providers need to better compensated for their work. Not only do we want to show Sacramento in the best light, we must take action to take care of all community members.

Jessica Ngo,

West Sacramento

Where is the accountability?

“Sacramento police launch review of 12-year-old’s arrest after video of incident goes viral” (sacbee.com, May 21): I see activists and other law enforcement critics are condemning the actions of police for detaining and subduing a 12-year-old shoplifting suspect who allegedly ran from a security guard, spat upon and verbally abused the officers on the scene and resisted arrest, but will any of them be admonishing the young man for his behavior and holding him accountable for escalating the situation?

Joe Selewicz,


Taxpayers will foot the bill

“More California fruit and nut growers will get help with Trump tariffs in new farm aid deal” (sacbee.com, May 23): American taxpayers are paying for the new $16 billion farm aid. This is on top of the $12 billion package last year. President Donald Trump says China is paying for the program through the tariffs he levied on Chinese products. The price of the tariffs is paid by anyone – taxpayers – who buy those products. In most cases there is no other source for those products, and many products made in the U.S. have components made in China. Like many other aid programs, farm aid lasts longer than it needs to. Therefore, the recipients continue to receive the aid even after the manufactured crisis ends. This aid program is designed to buy the farmers’ vote for Trump, with the taxpayers pickup the tab. A brilliant business strategy.

Jack Gerhardt,


Blame yourself

“Measure U: City leaders need to ditch the excuses and keep their promises” (sacbee.com, May 26): The good people of Sacramento voted to raise taxes on themselves because they believed what a bad “politician” told them. Can anybody point out the problem here? Will we never learn? The politcian’s goal is to tax, spend it all, tax some more, spend all that, dupe the people into raising taxes on themselves and then spend all that. And now we have to borrow more money so he can spend all that, too? Have you identified the problem yet ? Clue: Look in a mirror.

Dale Scribner,