Letters to the Editor

Forum Letters: The only thing we can do to prevent sex trafficking is to spread awareness

Let’s talk about it

“I survived sex trafficking. Here’s how we can protect sex workers from exploitation” (sacbee.com, May 25): Growing up in a city as big as Sacramento is scary by itself, and then with stories like this it’s terrifying. Being an 18-year-old young adult, barely comfortable enough with my sexuality and walking down the street without getting stopped or catcalled is rare. I feel as though the only thing we can do to prevent situations like these are to spread awareness and just talk about it!

Olivia Martinez,


Mayor Steinberg’s plan for Measure U is wasteful

“How risky is Steinberg’s controversial Measure U bonding proposal? Experts weigh in” (sacbee.com, May 28): Risks aside, Mayor Steinberg’s proposal to use Measure U taxes to fund bonds is wasteful and undemocratic. Millions would be spent on bond interest and expenses, such as the hefty percentage for investment bankers, so the mayor can have cash today that ought to be reserved for his successors. Sacramentans voted for Measure U in good faith to fund things the city needs, within its budget. We aren’t interested in robbing future generations with mindless expenses just to give the mayor even more money to spend now.

Mary Ann Bernard,


We need to do something about climate change

Climate crisis needs ‘courage for a change.’ Here’s what Gov. Newsom needs to do” (sacbee.com, May 29):I am writing because I want to bring up a worldwide problem we are having. This problem is called climate change and it’s beginning to get really bad. We have glaciers melting, contaminated water, fires, floods and bad air quality. All of these things are happening due to contamination and companies being careless of what they cause. Greenhouse emissions are getting worse everyday. Animals are dying because they eat plastic. Some are dying because they get caught in the plastic and can’t move. Deforestation is also a problem because trees purify our air and make it more breathable but as we cut trees down to build more houses or just to make things that could easily be made of another material. I believe a law should be approved on regulating the waste of companies and people to help improve our planet and future.

Antonio Alvarez,


AB168 is a harmful bill

Guns, gas, and soda- most California proposals died at the capitol, but a few remain” (sacbee.com, May 29): I care full-time for my partner, an amputee and a Type 1 diabetic. Our household budget is tight. Even a slight increase in the cost of medications could make a huge difference in our ability to get by, potentially forcing me to take on additional home care clients and jeopardizing my partner’s care and health.

AB 1468 – a bill before the state Legislature - will increase patient costs by placing a $50 million tax on those who deliver prescription opioid medicines from manufacturers to doctors, hospitals, pharmacies and clinics. The bill explicitly allows this tax to be passed down to patients.

There is a legitimate role for prescription opioid medications in the treatment of cancer patients and other chronic pain sufferers. AB 1468 amounts to a cruel tax on those whose lives are already crippled by chronic pain and should be rejected by California legislators.

Joe Dopson,

Elk Grove

Outrage over arrest of 12 year old boy

“’That did not need to go this way’. Sacramento PD release bodycam video of boy’s arrest (sacbee.com, May 24): For the Sacramento County Fair, kids 12 and under can enter for free. And I could not stop thinking of that little boy’s voice that kept ringing in my ears: “Why are you arresting me?”

And the image that kept coming to my mind was Ruby Bridges Hall, the little 6-year-old who stood on the steps of a school in Louisiana, while a ululating crowd blinded by ignorance and crazed by hatred screamed and shouted at her. Decades ago, like here and now in Sacramento, they could not see the child.

If the boy was white and blue-eyed, he would not be in that scary situation. No, if he were white, they would have seen the child. Police Chief Hahn stated that his officers followed regulations. If they did, Chief, something is dead wrong with those regulations, because this is not the way to treat a child.

Maria da Luz Alexandrino,

Fair Oaks

Why Pro Tem Toni Atkins’ is Wrong

California urgently needs affordable housing. Let’s take time to craft the right solution” (sacbee.com, May 22): Senate President Pro Tem Toni Atkins’ May 22 apology for killing Senate Bill 50 fails to impress. The senator begins by proclaiming her “unwavering” support for affordable housing. But SB 50 would have revolutionized exclusionary single family zoning in California, and the senator wavered on it. Next, the Senator makes a patronizing statement about having had bills delayed and defeated. She says she knows “it isn’t easy.” Yet she is the very person best in a position to make it easy on her “friend,” state Sen. Scott Wiener. As a voter and a citizen, I am not interested in her plan to spend $250 million helping cities and counties modify general plans. I want the power of those local governments to restrict housing curtailed, exactly SB 50 would have done. Sen. Atkins needs to take responsibility for the power she herself holds and do the right thing on housing policy.

Melissa Floyd,

Mission Viejo