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Senate elitists, Caitlyn Jenner, Lincoln Chafee, Save Simon’s

The Capitol Area Development Authority, or CADA, intends to develop the property that Simon’s occupies.
The Capitol Area Development Authority, or CADA, intends to develop the property that Simon’s occupies. rlillis@sacbee.com

Perks? How about elitist behavior?

Re “Perks just practical politics” (Insight, June 4): I couldn’t disagree more with the premise of this story and its support regarding state senators receiving chauffeur services after drinking too much. It stinks of a good old boys club. Ordinary people now have to pay the bill for the elitists so they will not be held accountable for their personal actions and decisions. The rules for everybody else do not apply for the elite state senators.

Why not hold them personally accountable for their own actions and decisions for drinking too much, then making the choice to drive while drunk. It is this type of protection that continually sets them apart from us normal folks.

The original intent was for elected officials to serve the public. But, politicians have turned that around. Average, law-abiding, tax-paying citizens are now servants of the elitist politicians.

J.B. McClain, Fair Oaks

Senators’ perk is nauseating

Our legislators have been living off the taxpayers for so long that they forgot what it is like to be on the other side. The 24-hour driver perk is so out of line it is nauseating. The taxpayers are paying for the legislators to eat, drink and be merry – then be taken home to be put to bed so they can start another day of getting more perks for themselves.

The excuse of designated drivers being used as a bargaining chip is unreal. All their alcoholic brains have gone to mush. California belongs to the Democratic Party – everything they want is theirs. Heaven help us taxpayers.

Marilyn A. Chilton,

El Dorado Hills

Impaired senators will drive anyway

I am saddened to see that lack of problem-solving ability in our legislators. Drunken legislators had the option to call a friend or a cab, but choose to drive. Now, they have the option of calling their special driver. But, with the impaired judgment that comes with being drunk, I expect they will still choose to drive.

Robert Rice, Sacramento

Quoting from ‘Animal Farm’

Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León and all other senators should be required to read George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” The quote of “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others,” directly relates to our Legislature. The pigs are living in the farmhouse.

Bill Ingram, Sacramento

Wait till Comedy Central hears

Perhaps all the outstanding comments of concerned Californians have not swayed the state Senate to reconsider its shameful plan. Just wait until the national news, late-night talk shows and Comedy Central get a copy of this story. They will become the laughingstock of the country.

William Martin, Antelope

Non-celebrity lives matter too

Re “Far from spotlight, the really brave transgender Americans” (Editorials, June 3) and “Caitlyn Jenner’s arrival is more reality TV” (Viewpoints, June 3): I do not usually agree with Kathleen Parker. But her column and the editorial express my anger and sadness at all of the fawning being extended to Caitlyn Jenner.

What about those who struggle on the verge of suicide but will never have the money to go through the process of gender reassignment surgery? Why must we continue to put celebrities on a pedestal when we should be offering support to those who struggle every single day to be true to themselves?

Danny Delgado,


Do you understand Islamic State yet?

Re “Chafee launches presidential bid” (Page 10A, June 4): In his announcement to run for president, former Rhode Island Gov. Lincoln Chafee said this about the Islamic State: “We’re coming to grips with who these people are and what they want.” They want to cut your head off and take the world back to the 5th century. Get it?

Doug Hinchey, Lincoln

Save Simon’s

Re “Patrons aiming to ‘Save Simon’s’” (Page 6A, June 3): Remember the Alhambra? So save Simon’s. Don’t let CADA do an Islamic State on one of our most holy sites.

William J. Hughes,



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