Letters to the Editor

Letters: Don’t just carve out an exception for yourself

Newspapers no exception

This bill could put local newspapers out of business. What you can do to help stop it” (sacbee.com, Aug. 30): In 1952, I was a 15-year-old “independent contractor” working for San Jose’s The Mercury News, delivering morning and evening newspapers. The paper decided which customers I had, how many papers I got each day, when the paper was to be delivered, what I could charge and how customers were to pay. (By me going door to door every month, day or night, rain or shine, on my bicycle with required receipt book in hand). I was only independent when a customer didn’t pay. Still, I agree that The Sacramento Bee drivers should remain independent contractors, but so should many others. Don’t just carve out an exception for yourself.

Harvey Swenson,


Don’t show up late!

Sacramento commutes are getting much worse, especially for state workers. Help is on the way” (sacbee.com, Sept. 5): State worker Linda Byers is glad she has an “understanding boss” so she can be late to work due to her longer commute. Linda, I’m your boss! I’m not “understanding” if my taxes are paying you for coming in late.

Larry Kinser,


Life without vaccines

Proposed California vaccine law has Gavin Newsom’s support, again” (sacbee.com, Sept. 6): Why is it that no one talks about what the consequences are if you don’t get vaccines? Before there was such a thing, we all got the measles. My mother was in her first trimester with my brother when she got the measles. My brother has suffered a lifetime of mental and physical disabilities from birth. Don’t they realise this can happen to anyone? The outcome is far more real, and much worse, than some misguided belief. There is no proof that vaccines do anything but prevent diseases. Childhood diseases are far more dangerous than people want to believe. Ask anyone, any baby boomer, what it was like to have them. We are so quick to forget.

Lilla Burrows,

Rancho Cordova

Cartoons aren’t fair

“Jack Ohman is dividing the country” (The Sacramento Bee, section 2D, Sept. 8): Perhaps Jack Ohman will start being “fair” to Donald Trump when Trump starts being “fair” to the rest of us. Trump’s lies, lack of transparency, ignorance, incompetence, lack of empathy and pigheadedness doesn’t give the rest of us much opportunity to be a meaningful part of the United States electorate anymore. Ohman is a master at pointing out the hypocritical contradictions that politicians seem particularly prone to presenting the public with. Trump is a master of the art of deceit, including self-deceit and all it entails. The “Fourth Estate” is supposed to hold elected officials to account, and that is what Ohman does. He is a master at unmasking deceit. Trump merely makes his job easier than it would otherwise be with almost any other public figure. Go Jack!

Kathryn A, Klar,


Take community concerns seriously

Survey: Sacramento residents feel less safe than they did last year” (sacbee.com, Sept. 5): The flippant dismissal by Mayor Darrell Steinberg of the results of the community survey manages to undermine not just the survey, but the methodology of the Sacramento city auditor’s office, as well as the desire by councilmembers to use the survey to help with the budget process. Instead of using the results as an opportunity to shed light on issues and concerns raised by residents, the mayor cites a 70-year-old newspaper headline regarding mistaken presidential election results to discredit its legitimacy, employing verbal misdirection to dismiss community concerns. Let’s hope the Sacramento City Council and city manager are not fooled and will take a long look at city services to determine why so many residents are dissatisfied.

Bill Motmans,


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