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Letters: Is it Lara or liar?

Is it Lara or liar?

Ricardo Lara’s ‘climate’ trip to New York included some fundraising on the side” (sacbee.com, Sept 12): So, here is yet another disclosure by The Sacramento Bee that State Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara – or is it “Liar” – is a denizen of our very own political swamp. Golly gee, what a surprise!

Robert A. Dell’Agostino,


Trump’s Trojan horse

Sacramento mayor ‘wary’ of Trump’s offer for homeless aid. But says CA cities should listen” (sacbee.com, Sept. 11): All of a sudden the Trump administration has decided to help California with an offer of assistance for the homeless. With all the lawsuits California has against the Trump administration, nearly 60 at last count, it seems like a veiled offer. Not long ago, President Trump proposed slashing funding for the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development by $8.8 billion in his budget for the 2019 fiscal year. In his budget for the 2020 fiscal year, Trump proposed cutting funding for badly needed public housing repairs. California should be very cautious and keep an eye on the horizon for the Trojan (Trump) horse being rolled into the state.

Ray Blasquez,


Soon, no traveling

California adds an 11th state to its travel ban. No taxpayer-funded trips to Iowa” (sacbee.com, Sept. 13): California State Attorney General Xavier Becerra added Iowa to the list of states on the travel ban, bringing that number up to 11, which is more than 10 percent of U.S. states. The attorney general did this because he disagrees with how the citizens in other states want to govern their own state. You go, Becerra. Soon the attorney general can ban travel to all the other 49 states for similar disagreements. Imagine the savings to taxpayers, which could offset the nonstop lawsuits brought by this attorney general!

Kevin Doyle,


Export oil worldwide

“Drones set Saudi oil facilities ablaze: US blames Iran” (The Sacramento Bee, section 10A, Sept. 15): The article says: “Saudi Aramco, the state-owned oil giant, said production of 5.7 million barrels a day – well over half of the nation’s overall daily output – was suspended.” Here may be the United States’ chance to reduce our trade deficit and national debt by being a large exporter of oil to the rest of the world: Japan, China, Europe, etc. Our supply is relatively safe from terrorism, and we can use the jobs and income to pursue humanitarian issues, climate change and research in global warming, medicine and world peace. This would reduce the income to oil producing nations that promote violence against their neighbors and promote violence world wide.

A J Ponzo,


Don’t lump Bernie

Anti-vaccination movement unites fringe elements of left and right” (sacbee.com, Sept. 14): It is thoughtful for The Sacramento Bee to run an opinion piece about the anti-vaccine demonstrators. It was, however, egregious for author Mike Madrid, a former political director to the California Republican Party, to lump Bernie Sanders with the Tea Party, Donald Trump and the Brexit movement. This is another example of a Republican casting aspersions about one of the leading Democratic candidates for president. Perhaps Madrid suffers a bit from the same conspiracy problem that the anti-vaccination demonstrators have.

Billy Jack Combs,


New political low

“Fiery ad targeting Ocasio-Cortez draws backlash” (The Sacramento Bee, section 10A, Sept. 14): The behavior attributed to former Republican congressional candidate Elizabeth Heng’s political hit squad is a disgracefully new low in civil politics. The ad confirms what Heng claims she is not: outrageous and racist. Voters should remember this vituperative action and photo if she ever again runs for public office.

Philip S. Reinheimer,

Penn Valley

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