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Letters: Take phones away at a decent time. Then teenagers will get sleep

Take responsibility, parents

“Kids stay up late, period” (The Sacramento Bee, section 2D, Oct. 20): I totally agree with the letter to the editor from Misty Dailey of Sacramento. I cannot believe that Gov. Gavin Newsom made it a law that schools have to start later. Did he realize how expensive and unrealistic this law is? Did he consult with the schools before he signed this ridiculous law? As a former teacher, I know how very expensive it will be to implement this new regulation, and how difficult it will be for schools to rearrange schedules and teachers to accommodate teenagers who spend time with their phones and games. Where is the parent’s responsibility? Take the phones away at a decent time, and then teenagers will get their required hours of sleep.

Sandy Bickel,


Natomas: home with a view

This booming Sacramento neighborhood went bust in the recession. How Natomas is coming back” (sacbee.com, Oct. 17): Why not build residential towers where the Sleep Train Arena used to be? With constructed-over parking and office and retail space at the ground level, I can foresee desirable units with pick-your-view orientations: the Sierra Nevada to the east, city lights to the south, Sutter Buttes to the north and beautiful sunsets to the west. Perfect one-level homes for those who want to enjoy carefree high-rise living without the congestion and noise of the city center. Perhaps, there could be a light rail stop where residents would be able to catch a ride to the airport or downtown. Elevated above the flood plain, these units would be immune to potential devastating floods. The towers could share the parcel with low and mid-rise commercial development. There is also plenty of land in Natomas for more single-family homes. So why not take advantage of the vast flat landscape of the Sacramento Valley to build up and take in the view?

David Crowe,


River trail safer than street

You ask, we answer: Will riverfront south of downtown Sacramento ever be developed?” (sacbee.com, Oct. 14): Sacramento City Councilman Steve Hansen, who represents the Little Pocket and is opposed to extending the Sacramento River Parkway trail through his district, attests that his priority is safer city streets for pedestrians and bicyclists as well as better maintained parks. How ironic that the safest path for pedestrians and bicyclists, as well as the best park, would be the Sacramento River levee trail. Where else could we, especially our children, safely walk, run and ride bikes without ever having to cross a street? There’s something wrong with his logic.

Jody Wright,


Who will water the trees?

Fewer trees, more asthma. How Sacramento can improve its canopy and public health” (sacbee.com, Oct. 15): While I agree we need more trees in poorer areas, trees will need regular watering after they are planted. Water costs money, and when you’re on a limited budget you may not chose to spend it on watering a tree. The other thing I think greatly contributes to our air pollution is the grass blowers constantly blowing pollutants into the air. Push lawnmowers and brooms would help a great deal, and would also consequently put more people to work and make for cleaner air.

Cheryl Freeman,


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