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Trump, McCain, raffles, desal, and Atticus Finch

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments about Sen. John McCain have received widespread condemnation.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s recent comments about Sen. John McCain have received widespread condemnation. The Associated Press

Trump’s comments way out of line

Re “Trump criticized for saying McCain no hero as a POW” (Page 8A, July 19): So the comb-over candidate doesn’t think prisoners of war are heroes. I suppose he thinks he’s a hero. He isn’t. He’s just a wealthy creep with a big mouth and a bad haircut who wouldn’t know a hero when he saw one. He’s the same jerk that called us names and ridiculed us when we returned from overseas in the ’60s and ’70s.

With that attitude toward veterans and the military, he’s not qualified to be commander in chief. Don’t forget it’s the veterans and current military that made it possible for people like Trump to be jerks.

Dan Perry, Rocklin

McCain a hero, Trump an anti-hero

I served eight years in the U.S. military, and I don’t agree with Donald Trump’s comment that John McCain is not a national hero because he was captured by the North Vietnamese. McCain is a national hero in my book. The people I look at as anti-heroes are those who never served in the military by avoiding the draft through a series of college and medical deferments, as Trump apparently did during the Vietnam War.

Too bad Trump didn’t get to spend 5 1/2 years in a filthy North Vietnamese prisoner of war camp being abused and beaten. I bet his views would be different if he had.

John West, Sacramento

Unfair raffle bill exploits nonprofits

Re “Good bet? Bill seeks raffles at pro games” (Insight, July 17): The Bee cast some needed light on Senate Bill 549, which would create biased rules for how professional sports teams raise funds for charities of their choosing.

If Senate Bill 549 becomes law, the state will be picking charity winners and losers without a rational basis. Nonprofits hoping to benefit from the teams’ gaming proceeds are being used as a front for a foreign raffle software corporation. PointStreak 50/50 has lobbied hard for this legislation, calling 50/50 raffles a “valuable marketing, ticketing, and business asset” for the leagues. The Legislature and the governor should heed the concerns of California’s leading nonprofit policy alliance and pause before enacting this inequitable, large-scale, largely unregulated gambling expansion.

Jan Masaoka,

San Francisco

CEO, California Association of Nonprofits

Desalination technology needed

Re “Nuclear reactor could be answer to desalination” (Viewpoints, July 16): Alexander Balkin offers a new perspective on the high costs of desalination. While a nuclear solution may not be the answer, he is correct in saying we must take bold action to ensure our water needs are met.

The state and federal governments need to start significant research and development efforts to develop new technologies. With the vast financial and intellectual resources of this country, we should be able to change the metrics of desalination. We have seen the vast improvements and reduction of costs that technology has brought to other fields, and it is time to apply it to our water needs and the world’s.

Peter Doljanin,


Atticus Finch, the good and the bad

Re “Amid shock, readers also find reality in bigoted Atticus Finch” (Page 9A, July 12): To those who want to scrub Atticus Finch and the fictional depiction of his righteous representation of an innocent black American, remember the time frame and social injustice of the era. Harry Truman, Robert Byrd, Hugo Black, Edward White plus many other lawmakers and justices were onetime members of the KKK. Should all these men be remembered for that only? Look how far we’ve come. And as a people, an American body of many colors, religions and opinions, let us celebrate the enormous efforts we’ve taken to right the wrongs of the past.

Pat Whittington,

Grizzly Flats


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