Letters to the Editor

Ballot-box zoning may be only option

Re Ballot-box zoning is wrong way to control growth (Endorsements, Oct. 13): I wish it were as simple as The Bee suggests with voters electing (El Dorado County) supervisors to do their bidding. Many of us felt that our opinions were not being heard by our supervisors. They seemed beholden to developer and special interests. Frustrated, we came together as a grass-roots community group, considered recalls first but settled on initiatives as the easiest way to be heard. We want to retain the rural lifestyle we moved up here to enjoy! We heard that from thousands as we circulated our green (current Measure O), yellow and purple (coming in 2016) petitions this year. We are not opposed to growth but feel that it should be consistent with exiting community character and zoning. Regarding candidates for supervisor, we agree that Mr. Penn is best for District 4. Mr. Curtzwiler supports our initiatives and we support him for District 5.

Edward Mattson, Shingle Springs