Letters to the Editor

Doug Ose is the better choice

Re “Rep. Ami Bera has earned a second term” (Endorsements, Oct. 12): The tortured logic of The Bee’s endorsement of Ami Bera is pathetic. Let’s look at your reasons for endorsing this guy who you yourself suggest is not much of a politician.

In his first two years in the House he voted more than 90 percent with his party and sponsored a bill with a Republican which had no chance of going anywhere. On that slender thread you call him a hope for bipartisanship.

Contrast that with Doug Ose’s proven record. He has received the endorsement of a large group of prominent Democrats in the district and the region because of he knows the proper place for partisanship and policy. If he is elected, he will immediately be granted fourth-term seniority based on his prior service.

Who has the better potential to become a leader for bipartisan change – a minor back-bencher or someone who is likely to be able to influence the direction of his party in the House?

You then go on to criticize Ose for his questions about the appropriate direction of responses to climate change and health care. Even Bera admits that Obamacare is flawed, but he has done nothing to improve it. Ose will work to make it work on a sounder basis. On climate change the real question is not the science where there is some dispute about facts, but about the proper direction for public policy. You seem to think that it is impossible not to respond to the problems of climate change without enacting new mandates that probably will not have the desired effects and will be job killers across the country. At this critical time in our history, we need proven leadership, not hope based on nothing.

Jonathan Brown, Fair Oaks