Letters to the Editor

Don’t boot Miklos

Re “Howell, Morin and Vander Veen for Folsom council” (Endorsements, Oct. 16): Kerri Howell and Andy Morin are good picks for Folsom City Council, but Steve Miklos does not deserve the boot. Miklos has been integral in making Folsom a great place to live and work.

He serves as a liaison to businesses interested in relocating to Folsom. During the recession, he also worked to keep local businesses in the city. This made Folsom one the quickest communities in the region to recover, and according to a ranking by Money Magazine, one of the best places to live in the country. With the planned development of 3,600 acres south of Highway 50, Miklos will continue to be an asset at City Hall. With the 10,000 homes, there will be more opportunities for businesses to relocate to Folsom, including major employers such as Intel. Folsom will need Miklos and the experience he brings working more than ever.

Kevin Duewel, Folsom