Letters to the Editor

Farmers market, Donald Trump

Farmers market is like a tomato

Re “Our farmers market need replanting” (Forum, Aug. 2): Like the arrival of fresh red tomatoes and delicious sweet melons, the argument to move the Sunday farmers market at W and X streets under the freeway is a seasonal one, with little to merit it.

It is one of the oldest and most successful farmers markets due to its location. The access for vendors and buyers is very good. The space is large to accommodate many farmers’ stalls and their trucks, as well as the vehicles of buyers like me who come some distance to get what is wholesome and reasonably priced fruits and vegetables.

Any argument to move the market because of exhaust fumes is foolish on the face of it and contrary to the site being good for food truck vendors. If folks are keen on killing one of the benefits of being close to Sacramento, then by all means move the market to a grave in midtown.

M.A. Figueroa, Sacramento

Farmers market is perfect as is

The farmers market under the freeway is perfectly located between two parks. The freeway shades and cools in midsummer, while protecting from rain in the winter and supplies ample parking adjacent to the market.

It is the destination I take my out-of-town guests to regularly. Not one guest has complained. Instead, my guests think it is a great use of space. The produce is spectacular and abundant with bargain pricing and there is fun people watching.

Every Sunday, a community of vendors and patrons gathers to sell and buy produce and plants. It is more than commerce that is going on under the freeway. It is a happening. This experience would not transfer well to a different venue. We have numerous farmers markets on various days of the week in various locations, but none compares to the farmers market under the freeway.

Emilie Brosin, Sacramento

And the parking is free

I fear the current money grab in the downtown Sacramento area will change the face of the farmers market.

The under-the-freeway location of the market is not pretty. But there are good things about it that should be considered if any new location is in the future. It’s easy to get to from downtown and it’s a quick jump from the freeway exit and the parking is free. Downtown people and suburban people get to mix it up.

Please don’t move the current farmers market without attempting to reproduce its many benefits.

Beulah Veleveteen DeVille, Sacramento

Don’t mess with farmers market

Sure, we would like the market to be in a nice park with shade, pristine air, soothing background music and perfect convenience. This is hardly likely. So, keep this wonderful market exactly where it is. Its pluses far outweigh its minuses.

Dave Brubaker, Sacramento

On second thought, move it

Writer Rob Turner hit the nail on the head. Some Sacramento traditions are incomprehensible. Among them is the location of its primary farmers market. Its location under the freeway is so loathsome that I never go. My first experience of a farmers market was Soulard in St. Louis in 1980. Even 35 years ago and in the Midwest where produce isn’t what it is here, that market was 10 times better than our Sunday market.

How is it that Davis does so much better? Let’s get with it, Sacramento.

Jody Wright, Sacramento

Ohman must fear Trump

Re “Trump these headlines for future news” (Jack Ohman, Aug. 2): Jack Ohman’s drawing of Donald Trump is ridiculous. It seems as though The Bee and Ohman want to bash as many Republicans as possible between now and November 2016. There isn’t anything good to say about liberal Democrats such as Hillary Clinton, or socialist Democrats such as Bernie Sanders, or you would be saying it, and drawing it.

I think you guys are afraid of Trump.

Bill Moore, El Dorado Hills