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Race isn’t issue in Measure L

Re “Sacramento must separate Measure L from the mayor” (Editorials, Oct. 30): I am offended by the Sacramento Bee’s editorial board comment: "Still, it does make you wonder whether some of these personal attacks on Johnson, Sacramento's first black mayor, have something to do with race."

Measure L has nothing to do with the race of the mayor. He could be purple and it wouldn't matter to the majority who oppose this measure. I personally oppose the measure, but it is not about race.

It's about an incompetent, uncaring and politically self-promoting person truly salivating to get this position approved so that he may further his resume to someday be president. Anyone who disagrees with my statement, I pity your stupidity.

Valerie Holland, Sacramento

Johnson is enmeshed in L

The Bee’s editorial board’s call for Sacramento city residents to separate Measure L from Mayor Kevin Johnson is puzzling because Measure L was written to include a provision that directly benefits Kevin Johnson and no one else.

Section 18 of Measure L changes Sacramento City Charter Section 43 to limit mayors to three full terms in office, but specifically excludes Johnson’s first two terms in office from that limit, making Johnson eligible to serve five terms in office as mayor.

Sure, voters can decid e whether they want to have Johnson as mayor for 20 years, but the simple fact remains that Measure L was written to specifically benefit Johnson. It is not possible to separate Measure L from Johnson. Kevin Johnson is pushing Measure L because it will benefit him in a way no succeeding mayor will enjoy.

Ted Ternes, Sacramento

Measure L is a step back

Measure L departs form the basic definition of democracy being a government of, by, and for the people. Many decisions will not be made in the public forum of our city council. Transparency and public involvement will be reduced. This is not modernization. It is regression to 1914 and before, when the city had a strong mayor system known for cronyism and controlled by the most wealthy and well connected.

Rick Bettis, Sacramento

Leaky borders led to murder

Re “A story about murder, not immigration” (Editorials Oct. 30): The Sacramento Bee’s editorial would have us ignore the fact that our lack of secure borders was at issue with the recent murders of two Sacramento-area sheriff deputies by an illegal alien.

While it remains true that what occurred was a crime, our porous borders surely was a factor. This murderer was deported several times and yet somehow re-entered the United States, most likely illegally in that he was not a citizen.

The Bee’s editorial states we cannot completely secure the borders, which is true. But we are not even trying. Millions of illegal immigrants have entered our insecure borders and even one death is one too many.

Lennie Chancey, Roseville

Revoke Brown endorsement

The Sacramento Bee editorial board lacks the integrity and courage to condemn tolerating illegal aliens running around this state and accosting citizens.

You endorse politicians, predominately members of the Democrat Party, who not only look the other way but encourage illegal aliens to come here.

The Bee’s editorial board should withdraw its endorsement of Jerry Brown for governor and condemn his intentions to grant driver licenses to illegal aliens or, in your PC-speak, immigrants.

The senseless murders of these officers are tragedies because the media and politicians, especially Democrats, place political correctness and buying the Hispanic vote above the welfare of American citizens. At least the Republicans recognize how damaging unchecked immigration is.

Jim Hudock, Folsom

Cohn mailers are dishonest

Re “Mailer skews facts about Cohn” (Ad Watch, Oct. 20): My wife and I are receiving a heavy dose of direct mail mudslinging about Assembly candidate Steve Cohn. The mailers are exactly what the your article described as misleading. They are really going after nothing and misrepresenting it anyway.

My disappointment is that the ad watch article did not identify the unions that are spending the money to pay for the mail. The article points out how untruthful the ads and direct mail are, but holds no one accountable. Why is that? Help me understand, not naming the injuring party in this drama.

I am glad we still have a Sacramento Bee to complain to.

Glenn Olson, Sacramento

Ose should keep promise

Re “Bera-Ose House race among most expensive nationally” (Capitol Alert, Oct. 16): I was pleasantly surprised when Doug Ose kept his promise to serve only three terms in Congress and did not run for re-election in 2004. What no one knew at the time, however, was that Ose's promises have expiration dates. He obviously considers himself released from his term-limit pledge. Would he be so kind as to disclose when his other campaign promises become inoperative?

Anthony Barcellos, Davis

McClintock is creature of DC

Re “Dennis Kucinich really likes Tom McClintock (Dan Morain, Oct. 15, 2014): In his debate with Art Moore, Tom McClintock read a testimonial from Dennis Kucinich, the same guy who tried to impeach President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.

McClintock has been posting endorsements by organizations in Washington, D.C. These groups seem to be fronts for big oil and big pharma interests. McClintock has been sucked into the D.C. bubble and that’s how he votes.

Moore has been endorsed by former Gov. Pete Wilson and by retired Rep. George Radanovich. He also has the endorsement of the highest number of county supervisors in Congressional District 4. Moore is a leader with excellent business experience and he will work for us.

Cayce Jones, Midpines

Giants rock

Re “Yes! Yes! Yes!” (Sports, Oct. 30): As a life-long 70-year resident of Sacramento, I’ve been a Giants faithful fan since they moved to San Fran.

Listening to games on radio as a young guy, we had one of the most talent-rich teams in all of baseball with Willie Mays, Willie McCovey, the three Alou brothers, Orlando Cepeda, Juan Marichael and Gaylord Perry, to name but a few.

Yet we never won a World Series. Thanks for the unforgettable memories of three World Championships to the Giants of the 2000 era. You’re the Best.

And thanks for beating L.A. to the Series, again.

Buzz McClain, Fair Oaks


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